Benefits of Using a Rat Blocker for Your Rat Pest Control in London

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“Prevention is better than cure”, so everyone says, as well as professional rat exterminators in London. Over the years, rats in London have taken their expeditions further. They are now entering houses via the drainage system. In severe cases, they cause a serious headache for households in the UK. Did you say there are different methods for rat pest control in London? Oh, yes. Many have tried that. And if it skipped the mind of the rat exterminator in London that you invited to check your drainage, you will most likely be faced with another case of rat infestation soon.

Not to worry, though. A proven method for rat pest control in London is available. Have you ever heard of rat blockers? They are one sure method you can use to rid yourself of these creatures that get you agitated. A professional rat exterminator in London will miss out on a great opportunity to keep the rats at bay if this solution is not in his treatment plan. Do you want to make your dreams of having a home free of rats a reality? Read on and discover the benefits of rat blockers.                                        

How Do Rat Blockers Work in Rat Pest Control in London?

Rat blockers or drain guards are devices that stop rats from gaining entry into a property through the waste pipes or drainage system. Installing a rat blocker would eliminate the drains as a point of entry for the rats. Rats cannot climb the drain and enter the house after installing the rat blockers into the pipes, yet, the usual flow of wastewater from the residence continues.

The design of a rat blocker is very simple and not complex. The rat blockers are made from stainless steel metal with valves in them. The valves serve to prevent the rats from climbing up the channel. Holes on which bolts are screwed are present to prevent the rat blocker from falling down the drain. So, you need not be bothered about it losing and falling off.

Benefits of Rat Blockers: The Next Big Thing in Rat Pest Control in London

There are various methods rat exterminators in London and individual homeowners use when dealing with rodents. For one, most use glue traps, live animal traps, and rodenticides. To an extent, all these methods used in rat pest control in London can help eliminate the rats, but they are not all safe and environmentally friendly. Some traps will catch the rodents alive; all you need do is dispose of them. As warned by the CDC, a disadvantage is that the trapped rats tend to urinate, increasing the rate at which diseases spread.

Rat exterminators in London will also warn you against using rodenticides in your quest to get your home rid of rats. Many risks are attached to rodenticides for your rat pest control in London. For one, the rats can choose a hard-to-detect location to die, causing a foul odour in your home when you don’t find them early enough. Also, the rodenticides used for rat pest control in London are not only poisonous to rats, but they can also be poisonous to humans, especially kids, pets, and birds.

A superb method any rat exterminator in London will recommend is the rat blocker. The rat blocker has been tested and proven to be a sure way for rat pest control in London. It would be best if you did not underestimate the benefits of these devices, as they are very powerful in preventing rats from gaining access to your home. Below are some of the benefits of using a rat blocker.

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Easy Installation and Maintenance, Coupled with Cost-effectiveness

Compared to traps which might be a bit complex when installing, the rat blockers are way easy to handle. All the rat exterminators in London need do is fix it to the drainage system, and viola, you block their entry point. Maintenance is also easy. While you need to check on the live or glue traps almost every minute, you need not check on the rat blocker that much. Once every 12 months would do.

Think of how much you need to call on a rat exterminator in London for emergency pest control and the damage the rats would do in your home before professional help arrives. Surely, you will agree that it saves costs, time, and human resources to get a rat blocker and install it once than calling on the service of a professional rat exterminator in London every time there is a rat infestation.

Rat Blockers Are Environmentally Friendly

When you think of your neighbour’s pet which may accidentally ingest your rat poison or little kids around you who don’t know better, you will agree that using rodenticides for rat pest control in London is not the way. Not only are they not a permanent solution, but they also pose health risks and hazards to lives. So, a professional rat exterminator in London will suggest a rat blocker for you because it is environmentally friendly.

Rat blockers, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly. Not that alone, they proffer a permanent solution to a rat infestation. You need not be stressed or bothered with the thoughts of rats entering your house via the drains or even the toilet tubes when you are not home. Also, your kids are safe, and there is no risk of anyone accidentally ingesting any poisonous substance.

A Successful Rat Blocker Installation Makes a Fulfilled Rat Exterminator

No one likes a pest infestation, especially rat infestations. They cause damage to properties and health risks, thereby keeping the rat exterminators in London on their toes to look for a solution to these pests. After dealing with the rodents in the house during a rat pest control in London, the rat exterminator must ensure that he addresses the big problem, preventing a reoccurrence. Blocking the rats’ main source of entry and installing a rat blocker is the perfect solution. By so doing, the drains in your client’s home will be rodent-proof, thus making them happy and you, as a rat exterminator, fulfilled.

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