Ballarat Builders Tell You How To Keep Your Home Renovations Costs Low

Get Tips from the House Builders in Brown Hill

Renovations are wonderful, but they can pull you into a spiral of overspending and that’s why when going in for home renovations it is essential to reach out to the right builders. 

How do you minimize costs during home renovations and yet manage to bring to life the ideas and visions that you had for your home? 

Ballarat builders to the rescue! 

In order for you to have a clear charted out plan of how not to over exceed the budget, here are some tips:

Natural Light is Inexpensive! 

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Homebuilders Delacombe has often emphasized the idea of having natural light flood your rooms. Of course, it may not be wise to not go in for windows at all. But areas such as hallways or the passage can be lit up with the light infiltrating through the slits in the overheads. 

This ensures that the cost of lights is economized upon and will also make for a beautiful natural setting. 

Lookalikes are an Excellent Way to Minimize Costs

Our team of house builders in Invermay understands that it may not be possible for every home to have mahogany and the luxurious texture that it offers. 

Hence, what then should be done? 

Lookalikes are dominating the market with a  range of cost-effective material that mimics these expensive alternatives. 

A natural eucalyptus hybrid is grown in some areas under the name Lyptus. The material bears an uncanny resemblance to mahogany. 

Go in for Affordable Options

Laminated Floor tiles.jpg

The house builders in Delacombe recommend economizing wherever you can without compromising on the look. Laminate is a fantastic way of keeping it classy and yet minimizing costs. 

Trade top-tier materials for those that can be procured at a cheaper rate. A statement can be made by opting for laminate floor tiles in place of the hardwood timber and this is an option that you can explore if you are looking for the chic vibe. 

Re-use Old Items! 

You’ll be surprised at the fantastic outcome once you begin to make use of old and convert these into beautiful decor for the home. 

With simple DIY tips and a range of catalogs to help, instead of overspending on decorating the space, glam it up with some beautiful pieces made of scrap. 

We promise you’ll love it!

Don’t Move The Plumbing


A majority of the costs incurred while you go in for renovations are due to the plumbing that is shifted around. 

One piece of advice: don’t. 

Housebuilders in Invermay suggest you leave the original plumbing just where it is when you buy the new house so as to not pay a large sum for the shifting. 

Invest for the long run say the House Builders in Brown Hill

This ensures that your renovations and the money you put down for them have a future value. Make investments that you believe will still be a statement or will still be trendy even a few years down the line. 

How do you strategize? 

Leave it to the experts. 

House Builders in Ballarat on why Home Renovations are an Art in themselves

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Designer homes that breathe an air of sophistication and class have had their fair share of time span in the market. The advent is now of homes that are friendly to the modern Australian with accessories intermingled with a strategic plan that not only helps minimize costs but also provides with the necessary essentials. 

Dracon Construction is a team of house builders in Ballarat that has time and again emphasized the need for homes that are minimalistic and yet sustainable and classy. 

Spread across Australia, you can avail the services of:

When it is the matter of homes and spaces that need renovation, ask the experts and you’ll be surprised at how in a budget that doesn’t exceed your own, you have a house that is done up in a style fit for royalty. 

Reach out to the experts today.

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