5 Things You Should Take On A Hens Party

Packing for a hens party can be tricky; you don’t want to be lugging a huge suitcase around, but borrowing things from fellow guests can be equally embarrassing. If you’ve been invited to a hen party, or are planning one for a friend, here are a few essentials you must pack for the weekend event:

1. Clothes:

Your choice of outfits depends on the event theme and the activities you plan. For instance, if the hens party is a long weekend at a beach house, you’ll need a few shorts, a dress, strappy tops, a swimsuit, flip-flops, scarves, and a pair of sunglasses. Not to mention a sun tan lotion and moisturiser. If you’ve planned a hens night in the city, remember to carry a pair of jeans, a few classy tops, and a couple of fancy sandals or trainers. There are a few basic things you must take irrespective of where and what you’ve planned. These include perfume, plenty of clean underwear, a phone charger, a makeup bag, and a few essential OTC medicines for travel sickness, headache, etc.

2. Hens Night Supplies:

From bride-to-be sashes and tiaras to naughty hens night games and party favours, hens night accessories make the party extra special. Remember to carry whistles, shot glasses, dare cards, and other games to the hens night. Games help break the ice and set the right mood for the party.

3. Food:

Even if food is taken care of for the duration of the party, you must carry plenty of snacks for everyone. This could include sweets, chocolates, chips, and other pre-drink snacks. Make sure you have enough for everyone.

4. A Few Practical Things:

With all the excitement surrounding the hen party, there are a few items you must remember to pack to ensure the party runs smoothly. For instance, a mains plug adapter is especially important when travelling abroad. A straightener, phone charger, some cash, photo-id, and makeup wipes are a must at a hen party. And don’t forget to pack your vitamin pills – they’re an excellent remedy for hangovers.

5. Custom Printed T-Shirts:

Photo-printed t-shirts add a personal touch to the hens night. They could be a keepsake for guests to take with them after the party. The t-shirt design can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, with the names or nicknames of each guest on the t-shirt.

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