Virtual Reality Tours in Lebanon

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The COVID Pandemic has had a massive impact on mankind. With the few exception, most businesses from health care to finance to tourism, sustained considerable losses as a result of the pandemic. As a consequence, several sectors have altered their whole service panel, and a plethora of wholly new and intriguing enterprises have attracted unprecedented attention. Virtual Tours is one such industry.


Tourism has always been a booming sector, especially in Lebanon (from 7.37 B in 2016 to 8.72 B in 2019) since there is always a demand for people to go to new areas. However, the pandemic kept us confined to our house which was a significant adjustment, especially for someone who enjoys travelling. Virtual Tours in Lebanon provided a solution to this problem.


OVRlebanon has created an incredible palette of virtual excursions, each environment meticulously crafted to seem as authentic to the senses as possible. A Virtual Tour is basically a collection of 360-degree panoramic spinning photos that have been “stitched” together to produce a comprehensive 360-degree representation of a site. To turn a tour into a visual experience for the spectator, special cameras, lenses, equipment, and methodologies are used. RJ Pitman’s Matterport is one such tool.


Matterport is the industry standard for capturing 3D space. Its all-in-one technology converts real-world environments into immersive digital twin representations. Matterport is capable of capturing and connecting rooms to build genuinely interactive 3D representations of environments, which is far more than panoramic scans.


OVRlebanon delivers Matterport in Lebanon, allowing visitors to virtually walk around a 3D replica Lebanon from the comfort of their own home. Many of you may already be familiar with Google Earth VR, which is a virtual reality platform developed by Google that allows you to virtually visit many different places around the world.  Now imagine that with other sectors as well!!


With the click of a button, you can enter a fully furnished Real Estate area of your choice, or you can take a 360 Tour in Lebanon. You may participate in showroom visits, hotel and resort excursions, auto dealerships, exhibitions and museums, playgrounds, and even a tour of the insides of yachts and boats!!


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