Your beach days will get even better!

Everybody loves wearing slippers and they are an ideal choice of footwear at home as well as while going outside. They are even close to the heart in the summer season and when someone is by the water. Yes, they are the best for going out for a pool day, rain dance party, and perfect for a beach vacation. They are easy to wear and comfortable. They dry quickly and effortlessly beat up the wear & tear caused by sand. Beach is a place that demands slippers rather than anything else. There are many different kinds of slippers available and you can pick any one that fills up your need. But how about a unique kind of flip-flop that serves the goal and even solves a new purpose? The hint is ‘bottle opener flip-flops. Keep reading to know more about them.

Pack less and stay free-

Carrying fewer items means more fun. However, in the race of squeezing the packing list to a minimum, we skip some important items. It is quite annoying when we forget small useful items whenever we go out. Especially, when it’s a beach or pool day there is one key appliance that a person forgets. It’s a ‘bottle-opener’ and it’s super annoying to forget it at home. Finding an alternative is not easy.

On a hot scorching day what someone craves is a bottle of chilled beer or soda pop. Forgetting the opener makes things worst. We cannot open bottles with ease nor enjoy the drink. Wait for a second, what if you have a revolutionary pair of slippers that’ll do the job? No, we are not joking. There is one pair of flip-flops that opens your bottles! Keep reading below to know about them.

When slippers become your most essential accessory

The bottle opener flip-flops are one of a kind. They are out of this world as their footbed can be used to open soda bottles. Yes, there is an integrated bottle-opener at the bottom that will make your life easy. It is such a useful accessory you’ll invest in. Forget or don’t forget you will always have a cap remover when you’ll come to the shore after surfing or any other water activity. Do you want these multi-purpose slippers? If yes, then tap the link given below. Check them out and buy now!

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