Yes, A Sports Massage In Auckland Is What Every Athlete Needs

Go in for a lower back deep tissue massage. That’s where the magic is.


Every athlete at some point in time has sat down on the ground due to a strain or sprain. Every athlete has at some point in time not been able to give their optimum performance due to fatigue in a muscle. 


When one’s job requires every muscle to be in top form, how do deal with these muscle pulls and ensure that they are always on top of their game? 

The answer is a massage in East Auckland


Whether during training, or rehabilitation or rest, it is vital to have a physique that will not succumb to the slightest pressures and pains. 

The different kinds of sports massage in Auckland


When one speaks of a sports massage, there are numerous techniques and therapies depending upon what effect is needed on the muscles in that area. 

The different kinds of sports massages in Auckland are:


  • Percussion
  • Vibration
  • Swedish style massage 
  • Kneading 
  • Tapotement
  • Effleurage
  • Petrissage


During sports, there are specific muscles of the body that are put under pressure and a sports massage focuses on the systemic manipulation that addresses these muscles. 

Seated-Massage- Auckland.jpg

You can also get a seated massage in Auckland


What are the benefits to be got from a lower back deep tissue massage?


Numerous sports deem that the muscles in the lower back are in good shape and healthy. If you are facing trouble with these areas and opt for a lower back deep tissue massage, here’s how you can benefit:


  • Better sleep is vital for every sportsperson
  • Flexibility in the lower back area that is needed for various sports
  • Limited muscle spasms owing to increased flexibility 
  • An increased range of motion of the muscles in that area
  • Drainage of body waste in that area increases
  • During exercise, the recovery time between workouts decreases

Is lymphatic drainage possible during a sports massage in Auckland?


Swelling and muscular fatigue is a common feature in muscles. During a sports massage, the temperature in that area increases. This promotes circulation. The blood flow increases and so does circulation to the lymphatic system. This decreases the tension in the muscles in that area. A seated massage in Auckland’s centre will help.


During massage in East Auckland, this is where the real essence is


  • Waste products such as lactic acid are generated in the body due to anaerobic respiration during exercise. 
  • When these are eliminated from the body it lessens muscular fatigue. 
  • The waste products are pushed towards the glands and thus eliminated out of the body.
  • Metabolic wastes are removed from the body.

The massage chair used in our Auckland massage centre


The ideal massage chair is that which helps your stresses melt away, providing you with a therapeutic experience. 


It is one that caters to every part of your body, helps the comfort factor during the massage and takes the natural curve of your spine. 


This is perhaps the most important role of a massage chair in Auckland’s HealthCure Massage. 

lower back deep tissue massage auckland.jpg

Why choose this East Auckland massage?


There are several massage centres across Australia. What essentially sets HealthCure Massage Botany apart from these is:


  • A team of physiotherapists and massage therapists who have years of experience in the area.
  • An ambience that is suited to the massage experience. 
  • Oils that have been selected to suit your therapeutic needs. 
  • A personalised approach for each person to benefit from the massage. 

When are you getting your lower back deep tissue massage?


Athletes, listen up. At this time of the pandemic it is understandable that you haven’t had a chance to get on-field and be in form. Thus, when you do, your muscles may need time to get habituated to this and revive themselves. 


Should you experience any strains or pains or pressures, a lower back deep tissue massage will help ease the pain. 


A sports massage in Auckland is what will relieve the pains. 

Experience what true relief is at the HealthCure Massage Botany that aims to better your mind and body by getting you to relax and rejuvenate.

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