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Birds are commonly chosen as pets by people who don’t have enough time for a cat or a dog but still want to have a small friend at home. Parrots and canaries are the most popular birds for keeping indoors. They aren’t very demanding and don’t reach large sizes, so people like them as pets. Feeding parrots requires basic knowledge about what they usually eat and their dietary and nutritional needs. Pet owners can find dozens of seed mixtures specifically designed to cater to the needs of parrots and other pet birds. However, not only pet birds are fed with bulk bird seeds. Wild birds also consume mixtures whenever they don’t find food in nature. Birdwatchers provide bird seed whenever they want to observe and attract them in birdhouses. This practice is an excellent opportunity for people to support the bird population and encourage bird diversity.

For all the parrot lovers out there, Vetafarm has designed the ideal combination of food that provides all the nutrients these beautiful birds need to thrive and live a long life. If you own a parrot, you know these birds are intelligent and don’t eat any food, only the most delicious ones. Thankfully, you can let your worries aside, as your parrots will surely enjoy the pellets designed by this reputable company. After reading the following lines, learn more about their products and pick the ones suitable for your parrot.

Nutrients Generally Found in Bird Food

It’s a known fact that seeds are a huge source of vitamins and nutrients essential for the body’s proper development. Humans also consume seeds of various types as they are nutritious, healthy, and delicious. Birds benefit from the nutrients in the seeds they eat all the more as their diet is mainly based on them. Regardless of their species or size, all birds need a rich essential nutrition that includes proteins, fats, and fibers mostly found in bird seed combinations.

Fibers contribute to smooth digestion, while carbohydrates provide vigor and energy. Most seeds also include calcium, essential for strong eggshells and bones. Aside from these common nutrients, bird seed supplements include potassium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc, which are vital for the well-functioning of the birds’ organism. Some seeds are richer in nutrients than others, so checking the nutritional value of your chosen assortment is essential. Sunflower seeds, for example, contain high amounts of fiber, fats, and protein, being among the most enjoyed by birds of all kinds. Others are richer in vitamins and minerals that help young birds grow healthy.

What Vetafarm Offers Your Parrots

Each parrot needs a particular diet depending on its age, species, and size. Since not all parrots eat the same thing, Vetafarm has developed several mixtures of seeds and fruits suitable for all sorts of parrots. Babies, for example, require a different diet that helps them achieve maturity. Adult birds have different needs depending on their life cycle, so their diet must include other types of seeds, nuts, and fruits.

The Australian company’s experience and extended presence on the market have enabled its specialists to develop high-quality products designed to provide a balanced and nutritional diet for various birds. The delicious pellets are suitable for babies and adults, ill birds under treatment, and overweight birds that must follow a strict diet. The products include Maintenance Diets, Nutriblend Pellets & Breeder Pellets, as well as a few unique assortments like Paradise Pellets, Nectar Pellets, South American Mix, Macaw Nuts, Finch & Canary Crumbles, as well as a Neonate Formula for rearing young chicks. Although designed specifically for parrots, the seed mixtures are ideal for all sorts of birds, both wild and domestic. You can use them to support wild birds during the cold season or bring additional nutrients to your domestic birds’ diet.

What to Look for in Bird Pellets?

When buying bird pellets, look for those with a clear list of ingredients so you will know what exactly you are feeding your birds. Vetafarm products are very transparent in their contents, so there is no need to worry about causing the birds any harm. Aside from the regular seeds, the products also include quality nuts and fruits that enhance the nutritional value, keeping the birds healthy and happy.


A Vetafarm Product for Every Bird

The company created pellets instead of regular seed mixtures for various reasons, mainly the higher amount of nutrients delivered to birds. Bird owners regularly buy seeds because it’s what they assume birds eat in the wild, but specialists decided that pellets are better since they provide a more complex and balanced diet. Also, most birds select some of their favorite seeds and leave behind the ones they don’t like, thus creating waste and making a mess in their trays. Since pellets contain pressed-together ingredients, the bird is sure to eat all of them, so the nutritional intake is higher. Vetafarm Parrot Essentials, for example, include whole grains, protein, and essential vitamins that are rapidly absorbed, offering babies and adult parrots the energy and vitality they need.

If you decide to feed your parrots Vetafarm products, you shouldn’t mix them with other food supplements as these could minimize their nutritional value and unbalance the bird’s diet. Remember that the pellets are specially designed for a wide range of hand-reared parrots, cockatoos, canaries, finches, pigeons, and doves, so you can use the product to feed many birds.

For hatching babies, the list of necessary nutrients includes calcium and other vital minerals for the proper development of bones. Similar to babies’ formula, products like Neocare and Nutricore guarantee incubated and newly hatched babies get the right start in life. Neocare contains pre-digestives and probiotics that help chicks develop a healthy digestive system and thrive to become solid and beautiful hand-reared birds. The added nutrients and good bacteria greatly help strengthen their immune system and prepare them for later eating adult food.

The company also takes care of breeding parrots that require special attention and a particular diet. In this time of their life, female parrots need essential proteins, vitamins, and nutrients that promote intensive egg-laying while keeping the mother healthy and strong. Parrot Breeder Pellets support breeding birds to lay fertile eggs and rear healthy chicks. Babies that hatch in the nest will be fed an improved diet by their parents, allowing them to transition from hatching to weaning. The bottom line is that a proper product is designed for each parrot. You have to find the one that best caters to your bird’s needs.

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