Why Should You Purchase Vetafarm Parrot Pellets?

Australians love their pets. However, for many of us, caring for an animal is a complicated process that we can’t adequately support. Do you spend long hours at work? Do you have a hectic schedule that doesn’t allow you to care for a dog or cat? Are you looking for a pet that can stay at your side but simultaneously entail fewer costs? In this case, a good idea would be to buy a parrot. Being some of the most intelligent animals on the planet, parrots are perfect companions for people who want long-term companions capable of loyalty and affection.

Parrots can fit in well with any family, are sociable animals that can live with other pets, are available in a variety of species, have beautiful plumage that, in most cases, does not require extensive maintenance, are long-lived and have few health problems, and take up much less space than other pets. However, just because pet birds are easier to care for doesn’t mean they won’t need your attention.

Purchasing accessories such as cages or bedding will be essential for your companion to develop healthily. And buying pellets, such as those produced by Vetafarm, will be necessary to meet your bird’s nutritional needs. Why is it important to choose a quality brand? Reputation. Nationally recognised brands benefit from the R&D budget to market quality products that meet the standards required by the Australian authorities. Moreover, the product selection of companies with a national or cross-national reputation is higher than that of boutique sellers.

Why Should You Consider a Brand Like Vetafarm?

Australia is home to fifty-six endemic species of parrots, many of which can be found in our homes. However, for them to thrive physically and behaviourally, your winged friend must be fed only with the highest-quality pellets. Why go for a particular brand? Quality. Vetafarm is an Australian company focused on high-quality animal nutrition, which benefits from the professional expertise of veterinary practitioners and nutritionists with years of experience in their field.

The ingredients used by the Australian manufacturer are of known origin and offer a mix of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for any parrot, regardless of species. Are you interested in high-quality Vetafarm products? Then you are a person who wants only the best for your feathered friend. The products marketed by the Aussie company benefit from superior quality control, can be found in most pet shops in our country and are recommended by IAPWA and organisations such as Parrots for Purpose.

What Should You Look for In Parrot Pellets?

For starters, it is essential to invest in products offered by a nationally renowned manufacturer that meets the quality standards imposed by the APVMA. The pellets you purchase should contain the right amount of minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates for your winged friends, be free of additives and excessive sugars, and be appropriate for the bird’s life cycle. Juvenile avians, for example, will have different nutritional requirements than an adult bird, while a senior parrot will have separate preferences from a five or ten-year-old specimen.

Parrots consume a varied diet, which in the wild includes nuts, vegetables, and even occasional protein sources like insects. However, when kept indoors, a good rule is that 70% of their food should be supplied with pellets and the remaining 30% with fresh foods such as green vegetables and whole fruits. If you choose pellets containing whole grains, the percentage can be as high as 90%. As for the fruit and vegetables you can feed your bird, you can choose anything from carrots and peas to pomegranates or grapes.

It is essential, however, to give your parrot fruits more as a treat. Although they can digest fruits, and their nutrients are necessary for proper development, for birds, sugars can be challenging to digest in large quantities and might lead to digestive problems. A good idea is to look at pelles with added calcium-rich ingredients like broccoli and minerals or vitamins. As an anecdote, parrots cannot absorb minerals like calcium without vitamin D, which is a problem as their health will suffer in the long run.

What Should Parrot Pellets Be Made Of?

High-quality parrot pellets must be prepared from a mix of grain bases such as wheat or barley and a small percentage of vegetables, fruits and legumes like lentils. Fruits and vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals the birds need, grains give the carbohydrates they require, and legumes such as beans are necessary to provide protein. High-quality parrot pellets should also contain healthy amino acids, be part of a varied diet that does not omit fresh foods, and include probiotics, which aid digestion.

Generally, it is advisable to go for products marketed by internationally renowned manufacturers with the resources to invest in developing their products. Parrot pellets are simple at first glance. However, finding a mix that provides the ideal nutritional values for your pet and meets its liking is challenging. Large companies have the budget to diversify their product range. Therefore, when you turn to an internationally sold brand, you will likely find pellets that meet the subjective needs of yourself and the birds you care for.

Your Companion Deserves It

Parrots are intelligent, affectionate and social animals that, with proper care, can stay in your family for decades. However, depending on the species, their nutrition can be complex, requiring everything from grains to vegetables, fruits, and protein sources. Are you feeling overwhelmed? In this case, a good idea would be to turn to the parrot pellets marketed by nationally recognised companies such as Vetafarm. Being an Australian company with experience in our country’s market, the products sold by this brand are characterised by high-grade quality control and excellent quality-price ratio.

Can you turn to products marketed by less well-known brands? Sure, but you risk buying pellets that don’t meet the quality your bird requires. Parrots are animals with less complicated nutritional preferences than cats or dogs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to find the best brand for your feathered friend. High-quality pellets can be an essential factor in your pet’s longevity. And when purchased from a reputable manufacturer, they can help you avoid expensive vet bills and development issues.

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