Why Should You Buy Puppy Pads?

Puppy Pads

Their cute faces, fluffy paws and sunshine energy will permanently change your life for the better. While you may expect a lot of affectionate puppy kisses and giggles at this time, you will also have to work hard to ensure your dog grows into a healthy, happy adult.

If you care about your floors, carpets and anything a dog might touch, using puppy pads to train your dog and an Ezydog harness for outside are a must.

While puppy pee pads might help housetrain your dog, a safety harness is suitable for outside training for when the walking time comes.

The usage of pee pads might be helpful only if you find it challenging to take your puppy out for regular bathroom breaks due to your busy schedule, personal circumstances, or housing arrangement, like living in an apartment. But if you have enough time and a lot of patience, you can train your dog to pee outside using a harness. Young, unvaccinated puppy litter and older, sicker, or otherwise housebound dogs may benefit from pee pad training, making their life more extraordinary.

4 Reasons to Purchase Puppy Pads Today

1.     They Make your Life Easier

House training a puppy is an involved task that is not easy and will take you some time. It would help if you took your puppy outdoors at least four times a day while they are a young puppy. This is why it is beneficial to use an Ezydog harness when you go for a walk outside to make sure your dog is safe next to you.

And if you want to train them with puppy pads, be careful to keep them entertained. Due to their puppy nature, most canine companions quickly lose interest, and they start sniffing and racing around when you take them outside, forgetting to use the pads.

It would be best if you gave your dog time to adjust to the indoor and outdoor toilets. It may be a pain to persuade the little boy (or gal) to go potty outside in a timely fashion, and sometimes they will refuse to do their business on the puppy pads.

Having pads available inside means your dog can go whenever they want. If you live in a home with little outside space, this may save you time and effort by replacing going outside with the Ezydog harness with doing business inside the house. To facilitate the housetraining process, Puppy Pads are an absolute must.

2.     No Funny Oduor

Everybody dislikes foul odours in the home. And let’s be honest, puppies always make a lot of messes, and pet messes may rapidly become an odour problem. Therefore, puppy pads save your carpets and bedding from accidents.

Puppy training pads are disposable and absorb liquids and seal in odours, making them ideal for use in the house or while travelling. As soon as the pee pads are no longer needed, they may be disposed of in a sanitary manner. The house is now clean and smells great! A good tip is to try and train your dog to do its business outside. Using an Ezydog harness, you can walk your dog and keep him safe, especially if he is a puppy. Do not miss this opportunity of owning a safety harness.

3.     Happy Parents

What would you do if your dog decided to poo inside the house? You will need some severe cleaning supplies and a stack of newspapers.

Second, after an unpleasant hour of waiting for the cleaner to do its magic (or worse, clean it yourself), you may flush away the poop and dab at the soggy mess.

Then you hope and pray that your expensive rug is not irreparably damaged. Finally, after the debris has dried, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. This whole pain may be prevented by using pads for your dog.

Dogs may be trained then to utilize the same area to defecate and urinate on the dog pee pads, which allows you to toss the trash and save yourself the laborious chore of cleaning it up.

If you think it is too hard to do so, try to train him to ask when he needs to go outside to do his business. First, you must keep an eye on him to avoid unpleasantness. Having an Ezydog harness can be helpful when you want to train your dog. Or for when you want to take him on a long walk or a playground where dogs are allowed.

Ezydog harness

4.     No Stains on your Carpet

Dogs at any age are just puppies (big or small). They can only hold a little bit of liquid at a time in their little bladders. In a flash, these little bladders will be overflowing. So do not blame them if they pee anywhere they can once you get them home, and they are just not used to keeping themselves from peeing.

And if they do this, they inevitably soil everything, including the rugs, since they do not know what to do, which often results in unpleasantness, filth, and foul odour. They will keep going to the same spot they have marked to relieve themselves. However, pee pads might help you break the pattern.

You can quickly house train your puppy to stop soiling the carpets after they have learned to utilize the indoor pads. And if you want to be extra sure that your dog will pee somewhere safe, you can train your canine friend to go pee outside, using at first an Ezydog harness, of course, for safety measures.

If you still want to train your dog to do his business inside, you may teach your pet the value of using pee pads by rewarding them after they do so. They will quickly learn that using the dog pads results in positive reinforcement. This way, you may avoid ruining your carpets and rugs with unpleasant odours.

Training Pads or Ezydog Harness?

Your answer might depend on which method you consider more valuable and how much time you can invest in your dog. Dogs are not machines; they cannot understand that easily and need a lot of training, love and patience. So, if you have a lot of time to spare, try to housetrain them with the puppy pads. Otherwise, you can use a safety harness to train your dog to go outside to pee.

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