Why Should You Buy Bulk Cat Litter in Australia?

When you adopt a pet, it becomes your responsibility to take care of it and offer it the most happy and comfortable life possible. You also become responsible for knowing all of its requirements, whether it concerns its health and dietary needs or things like regular baths and grooming.

No matter the type of animal you own, you need to know everything there is to know about them and the way of life they prefer.

For some animals, the primary requirement that needs to be met might be dietary. Let’s take parrots, for instance. Even though we all know that wild birds eat a lot of seeds, you need to know that seeds are not the most recommended food for birds who stay in a cage all day.

Wild birds can consume large amounts of seeds because they burn a lot of calories by flying over the day. But, since your parrot is likely enclosed, it will not burn enough calories, and that intake of seeds will cause obesity and other underlying health issues. You need to provide your pets with diverse nutrition to avoid situations like these.

For cats, litter is one of the most important things, as it should be for you. Find out what kind of litter your cat enjoys, whether clay litter or cat litter crystals and consider buying bulk cat litter in Australia.

Who Invented Cat Litter?

You might think that living with a cat was not possible before the invention of cat litter, but surprisingly, it was.

People used ash or sand to fill boxes for their cats, but the biggest downside was that after cats did their business, either sand or ash would get caught on their fur and paws, and they would spread it all around the house.

This was one of the reasons Edward Lowe, the man who created the first form of cat litter, even considered this invention.

It all started with the intention of helping his neighbour, who was a cat owner. During winter, his neighbour could not fetch sand for her cat litter box because it was frozen, so Edward’s neighbour asked him for a bit of sand from his pile.

But instead of giving her sand, Edward decided to give her a similar type of clay that contained clay minerals. Those minerals were capable of absorbing their weight in water, so they proved to be much better than the previous methods they used. This act of kindness from Edward was the first step in the creation of Cat litter.

What Is the Most Used Type of Cat Litter?

The most used type of cat litter is still the oldest one, the cat litter invented by Edward Lowe, the clay cat litter.

This type of cat litter has gained its popularity mostly because, at one point, it was the only one available. Since it appeared in 1947, this type of litter has been sold in every store that carries pet supplies.

Since the invention by Edward Lowe, many different brands of this type of litter have come to see the light of the day, but each of them adds something unique to their formula that often helps to neutralize scents. Some manufacturers add baking soda or even synthetic fragrances.

Even though clay litter works better than the sand people used to use, it still has a few downsides. The biggest disadvantage is perhaps that it is prone to tacking and can be dusty.

But what is also concerning about this litter is that it often contains crystalline silica dust, which, when inhaled, can be cancerous.

However, this litter does work well. It absorbs its weight in water, but since it does not clump together, you will find yourself changing litter more often.

Should You Buy Bulk Cat Litter in Australia?

It goes without saying that buying in bulk is considered to be a bargain. Many people prefer to go to stores that sell large quantities of food or drinks because this way, they get more for less.

Some stores sell only products in bulk, and most of the time, when you think of buying in bulk, you only think of food, drinks, or maybe cleaning supplies and laundry detergents, but you should know that nowadays, there are also stores that include products in bulk for pets.

If you are not convinced that you need to buy bulk cat litter in Australia, think about this: Why would you want to go to the store more times than necessary when you can have all the litter you need at home whenever it needs to be changed? It is highly beneficial to buy larger quantities because it makes it easier for you not to have this other worry in your mind. This way, at any time litter needs to be changed, you will always have it ready.

What Are the Benefits of Cat Litter Crystals?

Another prevalent type of litter used incorporates cat litter crystals, and there are a few benefits to these crystals that you might want to know about.

First of all, people love to use this type of litter because it is highly absorbent. During the manufacturing process, the crystals develop tiny, highly absorbent pores. It is estimated that this crystal litter can hold up to 40% of its weight in water. Because it is this absorbent, this type of litter helps to dry feces and thus is highly odour-controlling.

Another reason why people love to use cat litter crystals is because they last a long time. Because it is highly absorbent, such a litter can be suitable to use even for an entire month. Since the crystals do not lump, you won’t need to throw away the litter as often, and you won’t need to buy as much litter as you would with any other alternatives. So, you end up having an odourless home, a happy cat, and more money in your pocket.

Other advantages of cat litter crystals include the fact that they are low-dust and lightweight. To find out more about these traits of crystal cat litter, read this article.

If you are considering buying a pet, you need to inform yourself about its needs to lead a happy and healthy life. Make sure to ask your local veterinarian about nutritional advice and a few common types of cat litter that you should consider in order to identify the best one for both you and your cat.

If you want to save money, consider investing in bulk cat litter in Australia. This way, you will buy litter less often, and bulk items are usually less expensive than standard size.

You can also save money by using litter with cat litter crystals. Since this litter is highly absorbent, you will not need to change it as often, so you will use less of it and economize a bit of pocket money.

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