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“Boost you global sales with Pakistan Import Data”

You may think, how Pakistan Import Data can speed up your business. Pakistan depends intensely on imports from different nations to support their country. According to the most recent Pakistan trade data 2021, Pakistan rank was 48 in terms of imports and 59 in the list of leading exporters. Pakistan was responsible for $73.1 billion in imports in 2021. Pakistan trades were assessed to be around $31 billion of every 2021. With the assistance of precise Pakistan Trade Data, you can find likely purchasers and providers in the Pakistan market.


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In 2021, the Top 10 Trading Partners of Pakistan were basically the USA ($6B), China ($3B), United Kingdom ($2B), Germany ($1.6B), Netherlands ($1.4B), United Arab Emirates ($1.2B), Spain ($1B), Italy ($893M), Afghanistan ($835M) and Bangladesh ($815M). The United States of America and China alone contributed 31.6% of absolute imports to Pakistan.

The Top 10 Products that Pakistan imported from different nations were Mineral fills and oils ($19B), Electrical Machinery and gear ($6B), Machinery including PCs ($5.9B), Raw Iron and Steel ($5.9B), Pharmaceuticals ($3.8B), Animals/Vegetable Oils, Fats, Waxes ($3.6B), Vehicles ($3.3B), Plastics and Plastic Articles ($3B), Organic Chemicals, Oil Seeds ($2B). Mineral Oils and Machinery were the most imported items that Pakistan imports (34.7% portion of all out imports).

India and Pakistan share severe relations on political issues. In spite of this, Pakistan imported around 393 billion USD of products from India in 2021. The best 5 items that Pakistan imported from India in 2021 were Pharmaceutical items ($194 M), Organic synthetics ($160 M), Ships, boats, and other drifting designs ($25 M), Inorganic synthetics, valuable metal mixtures, isotope ($3.4 M), Miscellaneous compound items ($1.95 M). The fundamental justification for why Pakistan imports merchandise from India is on the grounds that they offer quality, durablity, and better manufacturing cost.

You can get every one of these Pakistan Import information details from Exim Trade Data in a simplest manner. A Pakistan Trade Data has HS code of items, Product depiction, and Quantity, Price, Exporter and Importer Name, and Port and Shipping information. Exact information can assist you with dissecting monetary dangers implied in the worldwide market and pursue better choices. Most organizations with additional capital ventures flop in the global market.

A Data-Driven Strategy is generally smart for growing your arrive at in the worldwide market. Pakistan Import Export information assist you with finding the most recent market patterns, item interest, certified purchasers and providers, and inside and out contender investigation. To prevail as a shipper or exporter, you want to examine exchange information measurements first and afterward plan for a compelling limited time system for your item.

Exim Trade Data is a leading data service company across the world. We offer novel information from more than 60+ nations to assist you with performing better statistical surveying. You can download an example Pakistan Import Data free of charge at this site.

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