Why do Most Auto Repair Shops Prefer Used Parts Instead of OEM Parts?

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According to reliable data, around 80% of independent Auto repair shop sells used auto parts over OEM parts. That means when you get your vehicle to these auto repair shops for parts replacement, there is a high chance that a used part is preferred as a replacement. The main reason for this is the affordability of these used parts which is unmatched by OEM parts. This might lead you to a query- whether the used motor is beneficial or the OEM motor?

To answer your questions, this article contains the pros and cons of buying used auto parts and OEM auto parts. Evaluating their consequences will help you in finding a good deal for your vehicle’s replacement.

Used Auto Parts

Used auto parts are not manufactured by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Instead, they are extracted or recovered from a wrecked vehicle. The quality of used auto parts varies depending on the brand. It might be that these parts could function better than the original but that depends on the model, make, and part type.

Benefits of Used Auto Parts

Cost efficient- Undoubtedly, used auto parts are cheaper than OEM parts. But you need to beware of the prices that seem too good to be true. If your mind is stuffed with queries related to the quality of the used motor for sale, immediately raise your query to the concerned department. Never ignore the price comparison method while looking for the best replacement.

Wide Variety– The used auto parts market is stuffed with numerous sellers, which could require too much time investment while browsing for the most reliable one. Narrow down your search for the company according to your needs. If you want only used motors then look for companies specifically dealing in used motors. But if you are looking for several used auto parts then you must approach companies who offer almost all the used auto parts.

Disadvantages of the Used Auto Parts

Variation in Quality- The chance of poor-quality products is substantial in the used auto parts. To attract more customers, some companies tend to compromise the quality of the parts only to sell them at the lowest possible price. You must play smartly and inquire about every detail until you are satisfied. Never ignore to ask the mileage of the used motor as it determines the life expectancy of the engine and your car ultimately.

Lack of Warranty- Though several used auto parts sellers offer warranty-backed products. But not all the sellers are genuine. Some offer either false/fake warranties and some don’t even consider the warranty. You have to be careful while making your choice of selecting a reputable company that offers warranty-backed products where the warranty should be at least 90 days or more.

OEM Auto Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto parts are directly manufactured by the vehicle’s original manufacturer. Almost 99% of the time these part fits perfectly to the vehicle, as they are made by the same manufacturer.

Benefits of OEM Auto Parts

Easy Installation- Buying OEM auto parts lift off the burden of worry related to the perfect fit, or the wrong side of the part installed in the vehicle. Make sure that the parts you have purchased fit the same make & model of the vehicle. Keep your VIN handy while proceeding with your purchase.

Warranty backed– Several car manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty on their OEM auto parts. Moreover, if you get your car repaired at the dealer, they will usually cover the labor cost under the warranty.

Disadvantages of OEM Auto Parts

Expensive– OEM auto parts are generally more expensive than used auto parts especially if you purchase them directly from the dealership. The reason for the high price is obvious, as the OEM auto parts are made by the vehicle’s manufacturers.

Not a Worthy Investment- Your investment in OEM parts hoping to work better than the used auto parts might not pay well always. Sometimes, the used auto parts work better than the OEM parts or could be equally capable of performing their function. Moreover, you can receive the same benefit from the used auto parts as from the OEM auto parts by saving 90% of the cost.

To be Concluded:

Depending upon the analysis you make through these points, it will be easier for you to reach a decision. If price isn’t an issue and you are ready to provide a fresh replacement for your vehicle, then OEM auto parts could be your deal. But, if you are working on your budget and want to revive your vehicle with qualitative high performing replacement, then go for used auto parts.

One thing is for sure, whether you opt for Used auto parts or OEM auto parts, you have to be very careful when choosing the best seller. Getting scammed holds good chances when you dwell in the market unprepared. Never forget these points before looking for a “used motor for sale near me”. Keep your preferences parallel to the company’s offerings. Never settle for anything less than your car deserves.

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