Why are Animated Videos the Best Strategies for Your Social Media?

Animated videos are a great way for boosting up your social media followings and presence. According to research, 65% of users are visual learners. Not only this, 90% of the information is believed to be transmitted to our brains in the visual format.

According to biologist John Medina, our vision is considered to be our most dominant sense and uses half of our brain’s resources alone. Also, visual information processes 60,000x faster than any text information.

Due to these reasons, using videos or visual content on social media is inevitable nowadays. Facebook alone streams 4 billion video streams every day. Also, placing a video on the landing page itself helps in increasing conversion by 80%. You can reach out to any video production company for creating such animated videos that are shareable as well.

So, you should start incorporating animated videos on your social media with the help of social media marketing companies. They know how to make your social media more attractive and get the attention of more viewers.

Users usually don’t spend much time watching a video or reading an article. So, to catch their attention you can make animated videos instead of just boring explainer videos. It will help you to connect with people emotionally. It also creates interest in your audience with the help of a story it depicts because people don’t prefer watching traditional ads that much. One such example of this is Google Doodles.

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You can ask the video production company, you are working with to create animated on the concepts that are difficult to explain and are complex otherwise. Also, social media marketing companies can help you generate the ideas for choosing the platform for spreading them in the form of posts. The animation is believed to be able to transform and represent very difficult concepts of life that are hard to explain through text or other videos.

You can make your characters do or talk whatever you want without any constraints and also the things that are considered to be impossible to do by any human artist otherwise, for example, flying or time travel. This way, you can easily make your viewers understand difficult mechanisms and processes easily and simply through animation.

One example of such type of animated videos is the TED-Ed YouTube channel. They have over 13 million subscribers and are widely known for making educational videos. They use animation in most of their videos and it helps in simplifying the concepts.

Check if the video production company that you’re working with can add nostalgic elements to your animation videos. People associate cartoons with the childhood memories they might have. So, animation can inflict the most powerful emotion of nostalgia or reminiscent feelings. According to studies, it is believed that nostalgia can help reduce stress and relieves depression. In an experiment, when participants were made to listen to their favorite songs from 20 years ago, they said that they felt more loved and life is worth living. Spreading these types of animated videos with the help of social media marketing companies will become viral in no time.

Also, animation can add the fun and entertainment element even in your boring business videos and make them livelier. People like to be entertained through videos especially when they are trying to learn or get educated. People feel more entertained while watching animated videos and these types of videos get be spread across social media by assisting with social media marketing companies in Delhi.

A video production company is responsible for creating all types of marketing videos such as promotional or product videos, explainer videos or just to make announcements. If you want you can add animative style to all of these videos no matter what type of video it is. According to research, 86% of 50 best explainer videos are animated!

One of the most important factors of creating animated videos is that the video production company you choose to work with or are already working with will charge you way less than making other live videos. The reason is that you will need to spend your money on artists, shooting and other film creation processes and animated videos don’t need such things. There will be fewer team members required to make any short-animated explainer video and thus, less expenditure. Also, these animated videos are very popular among people on social media as well.

The predictions are that users’ video traffic will increase by 80% after 2019 and videos will be the most dominating part, especially on social media as it’s used by the users very much.

For example, Facebook uses this feature of making short animated videos of your memories, or a friend’s anniversary that can get you more likes and shares. And they notify about your most liked photos or videos as well. The video production company in Delhi can help you in creating videos that make your audience or customers feel good about themselves. Also, many social media marketing companies in Delhi can assist you with using social media’s such features that we discussed above. For this, it will be best that you hire a digital marketing company that provides you both of these services rather than hiring two. One such company in Delhi is 3S Studio and you can contact them for both creating the animated videos plus marketing them on social media.

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