When is The Best Time to Look for The MENA Investment Advisors

Read the following scenario if you are currently working with a financial advisor. Although it’s what we’d all want to believe, it’s not always the case that our investments are safeguarding our financial future. It is where you need the significant help from the MENA investment advisors.


According to the tale, a person or business engages a financial advisor to invest specific assets with the expectation that they will increase in value over time. The individual realises that his specific assets are not performing as well as he would like, despite the fact that the market as a whole is doing well. The client has inquiries after reviewing the monthly statement and naturally seeks guidance from his advisor.

The advisor, who was formerly amiable and helpful, now answers queries less confidently and with less certainty than when he was first employed to manage the investments.

Reality Check

Does the aforementioned description fit your financial advisor? Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than we’d all like to believe. If your ‘once helpful’ and self-assured financial advisor is unable to provide you with the answers to your fundamental investment queries, it might be time to go elsewhere. Here are a few further indicators that it might be time to find a different financial counsellor.

Have your calls to your financial advisor stopped getting through? A trustworthy financial advisor has to be available to walk you through your investments, respond to inquiries about expenses, and stick around even after your plan is in place.


Your expert is not any more knowledgeable than you are. Sadly, many financial advisors have the title but lack the credentials to support it. It might be time to change advisors if you have gained more knowledge about your investments, financial goals, and wealth-building strategies than they have.

The bond between them is frayed. It’s possible that your financial advisor first courted your business.

Before you decided to use them for your services, they were really committed to offering the greatest information and service. You are no longer significant to them now that they have your business and a large number of higher paying customers. You feel disregarded while they spend their time with others.

Promotion of Goods

If your advisor is pressuring you to buy pricey proprietary products or annuities, this should sound a loud alarm. They might not be as concerned about safeguarding your wealth as they are about how much commission they could earn.

In a short period of time, they have worked for many different businesses. It may not have occurred to you, but it may be necessary to look up your advisor’s employment history on Brightscope.com, a database for advisors. A financial or compliance issue may arise for an advisor who switches brokerages or employers frequently.

A financial counsellor can be hired, but it is just the beginning of the investment process. After making that initial choice, don’t let up. Keep in touch with your financial advisor and request updates on the performance of your investments on a frequent basis.

It is simply smart business to hold your investor responsible by actively participating in your financial future. Don’t be hesitant to assert yourself and hold them accountable. Remember that investments will rise and fall in line with the regular movement of the stock market. Don’t abandon ship at the first hint of financial loss, but maintain a close eye.

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