What Your Cat is Saying With Her Body Language

Many of our feline friends are a bit mysterious. It’s not always easy to tell what your cat is thinking or feeling. But Fluffy’s body language is one way that you can get some insight. Below, your animal hospital Rochester, NY tells you what to look for when you’re trying to gauge your pet’s mood.

The Tail

Did you know that your cat’s tail is one of the best barometers of their mood? Fluffy’s tail position is usually a good indicator of how she’s feeling. Most often, you’ll see the tail held in the “default” position, simply held upright in a gentle way. This means your cat is feeling calm and comfortable. Tell your vets Rochester, NY if your cat’s tail doesn’t usually look like this.

Have you ever seen your cat’s tail held straight up like a flagpole, with the hair puffed out in all directions? This means your cat is alarmed and is ready to defend herself or her territory. You’ll probably also notice your cat’s eyes are wide, and she might crouch and extend the claws. Your veterinarian’s in Rochester, NY recommends getting out of the way if your cat is coming toward you!

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The Ears

When a cat is alert and focused on something, they use their ears much as a dog would. You’ll see the ears point upward and perhaps lean forward a bit as your cat stares in that particular direction. Your pet clinic Rochester, NY also notes that pointed ears could indicate a cat is alarmed or feeling stressed.

If you see your cat’s ears turn back while they’re upright, she’s alarmed. She’ll probably run in a moment, or stand her ground to defend herself. Ask your veterinarian Rochester, NY for more insight into your cat’s stress levels.

The Eyes

Wide eyes mean a cat is tense, alert, or scared. Otherwise, your cat keeps her eyes open a normal amount, or they’re closed while she’s sleeping. And you might notice your cat blink slowly at you every now and then. This means your cat feels affection toward you. Closing the eyes around humans or other pets means your cat is comfortable. Ask the professionals at your vet clinicRochester, NY  for more insights into your cat’s eye communication.

The Whiskers

Pay attention to your cat’s whiskers the next time you’re wondering how she’s feeling. Most of the time, she’ll keep her whiskers sticking straight out from the face in their “default” position. This means your cat is feeling calm. But when you notice the whiskers get pulled back across the cheeks, it means your cat is alarmed or frightened. You’ll probably see those characteristic wide eyes, turned ears, and preemptive crouch, too. Talk to your vet Rochester, NY to learn more about your cat’s whisker function.

Of course, every cat is a unique individual. These body language traits are only general guidelines. At the end of the day, you know your cat best—you probably have a good idea of what she’s thinking and feeling! If you think your cat’s behavior is abnormal, give your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY a call. We’re always here to help.

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