What You Want to Know About Using Edible Weed

Edible cannabis is the most popularly consumed form of cannabis in the United States and Canada. It accounts for approximately 12% to 15% of the cannabis market in America. In Canada, it is projected to be a $4.1 billion industry in 2022.

Edible weed is more palatable compared to other cannabis products. It’s easier to use and does not have the peculiar smell associated with cannabis. If you plan to buy edibles online, here are a few things you should know.

  1. Read the Label Carefully

Cannabis products vary widely in terms of ingredients and percentage of cannabinoids. Always read the label to check the THC to CBD ratio. And if you are new to cannabis or have never tried edibles before, do not consume more than 2.5 mg of THC. Also, wait for some time to feel the effects before taking more. It takes longer to go through your system before you feel high. Reading the label also helps to check for ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction.

  1. Edible Cannabis Can Be More Potent That Inhaling It

When smoked, THC enters the bloodstream almost immediately, resulting in a quick high. Depending on the quality of weed and how your body metabolizes cannabis, the effect could last between two and four hours.

But edible weed has to pass through the digestive system before it enters the bloodstream. It takes longer for the effect to kick in, but the high can last 12 to 24 hours. Because of the time it takes to process THC, it can be easy to take too much if you aren’t careful.

  1. Make Sure You Store Cannabis Products Properly

Candies and brownies with cannabis look the same as candies and brownies without cannabis. Unless they’re stored in a safe place, there is a potential danger that children or pets may consume them, leading to possible health problems. Store the edible cannabis in a safe place or use a child-resistant container. And remember to reseal the box after you’ve used them. To keep them fresh, make sure to store edibles in a dark location that avoids the products getting too hot or cold.

  1. Do Not Mix Cannabis with Alcohol

Alcohol and cannabis can be a dangerous mix. When taken together, alcohol and cannabis could significantly increase your risk of overdose and impairment. Some of the signs of over-intoxication include anxiety, panic, nausea, vomiting, and paranoia. Also, speak to a health practitioner if you’ve been prescribed medications before combining them with edibles.

  1. Buy Weed from a Reputable Source

Buy edibles online from a licensed retailer in Canada. Remember to read reviews about the seller to make sure they’re trustworthy and reliable.

Resource Box: The author manages an online dispensary in Canada that sells wholesale weed. He guides people into the exciting world of buying cannabis online.LOGO.jpg

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