What You Should Know About Feminized And Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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The marijuana plant can be grown out of autoflowering and feminized seeds. Both types are not the same. Feminization is not the standard type of seed. The choice of selection depends on your personal preference.

It is important to understand the real difference between the two types of seeds. You can search for Feminized Marijuana Seeds for Sale online or in the local dispensary.


In general, when you are looking at both types of seeds, you may not be able to notice any difference in appearance. The two types of seeds look very much similar from the outer seed coat.

You may have to ask for the right type of seeds from the dealer as The Clone Conservatory offers both. You can choose to grow healthy marijuana plants from both types of seeds.

Chromosomal differences

  • Feminized seeds may not have the same chromosome types as that of the autoflowering marijuana seeds
  • If you are purchasing feminized seeds, you will only get seeds with female chromosomes
  • You will only be able to grow female marijuana plants out of feminized seeds

So if you are interested in growing female marijuana saplings then you should purchase feminized seeds from Cannabis Seeds California dealers.


Feminized seeds are mainly obtained if you are pollinating a female marijuana flower with another female marijuana flower.

If you are going for a autoflowering seed, then it has been pollinated by both male and female flowers. So the genetic difference does exist between the two types of seeds. Autoflowering seeds may have genetic factors that resemble both male and female plants.

Ease of growing

In general, feminized seeds are much easy to grow into a new and healthy marijuana plant. When you are using feminized seeds then you can also control the number of plants that you want to grow.

If you are using regular seeds, then you are expected to gain twice the more cultivation as compared to feminized seeds. If you approach a Marijuana Seeds California dealer then it is better to ask for feminized seeds, if you only want to grow female plants.

Cloning benefits

If you are looking forward to cloning marijuana plants then you may have to select feminized seeds only. These types are also more effective in obtaining hybrid plants. If you search for Cannabis Seeds for Sale USA options online, you will discover that hybrids are obtained as a result of cross-breeding.

This is good if you want to obtain a good quality yield. Feminized seeds also grow at a faster rate as compared to regular seeds.

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