What You Need to Know about Shop Fitting Shelving

In the retail and hospitality industry, the manner in which you choose to display your products can shape your success. Shelving is counted among the key ingredients for building a successful retail shelving display. However, it is not as simple as it seems. The type of shelving you adopt for your retail store might impact how your merchandise is displayed.

Shelving decides how the customers will perceive your products. The manner in which the items are organized will reflect a lot about your store as well as your brand. Therefore, while picking the most accurate and well-suited shop fitting shelving, you must conduct thorough research and extract as much information as you can about retail shelving.

Why is Shelving Important?

If we put it in simple terms, shelving is considered significant because it is a necessity as well as a marketing opportunity. The more efficiently your products are presented to the shoppers, the more successful your store would be. So, picking the right shop shelving would require a lot of thought and shortlisting some of the best alternatives. The ultimate goal of retail shelving display is twofold- the need to maximize your storage space whilst organizing your in a more presentable manner. With the fulfillment of these two aspects, you can acquire maximum profitability.

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Types of Shelving

The assortment of shop fitting shelving is as extensive as the businesses it serves. For installing the appropriate shopfitting equipment and shelving in your retail store, you must figure out your shelving needs and what kind of shelving would you prefer. Given the exceptionally long range of shelving, one might be baffled by the choices presented to them.

For your convenience, below are some of the most preferred categories of shelving that you can choose from:

1. Gondola shelving

Gondola shelving is one of the most common types of shelving and can be seen in several stores and retail outlets. This shelving is a freestanding retail fixture that is typically placed end to end. The basic idea is to create rows and aisles at a customized width or length. They are designed specifically to complement eye-level shelving which ultimately maximizes profits.

2. Gondola ends

As the name suggests, Gondola ends are freestanding retail display units that are mostly witnessed at the end of aisles. Also referred to as end caps, this shelving is usually seen in retail stores with self-service. Gondola ends are well-suited for best-sellers and seasonal merchandise. The tactic behind their positive performance is that customers usually assume that the merchandise placed on them is for sale or promotional.

3. Wire and metal shelving

Given the durable and versatile nature of wire and metal shelving, it can be used effectively along with other retail fixtures. This type of shelving is very convenient and creates a dynamic display. Whether you are flaunting the apparel section or alluring the customers with delicious food dishes, this is the perfect shop shelving and a classic choice.

4. Rolling racks

In case you are looking for a moveable shelving kind of setup, then the rolling racks might work best for you. These racks generally consist of a steel frame structure on wheels. Rolling racks have several shelves that are made out of wire which makes them a great alternative if you wish to move seasonal stock around.

5. Dump displays

Also known by the name dump bins, the dump displays are a perfect fit for self-service retail stores. Store owners generally employ these displays for displaying smaller, less fragile products. These types of displays go well around the counters as people are encouraged to rummage through. They serve the purpose of stimulating impulse or last-minute purchases.

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