What Type of Mattress Should You Choose for Restful Sleep?

Cheap memory foam mattress

Do you want to go for a variation of an innerspring cheap mattress UK or do you want to wait for a convenient offer on a cheap memory foam mattress? The decision is yours, and in the following article, we will try to present some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of mattresses and why they matter for your future purchase.

Why Choose a Cheap Memory Foam Mattress?

Cheap no longer means poor quality in the mattress world. A cheap memory foam mattress can now represent an option that would have been considered premium just a few years ago. Memory foam is a versatile material that can adapt to any body shape and therefore support your spine optimally. The fact that the body’s weight is kept at the same level of pressure and that the original shape of the mattress returns to normal regardless of the stress it is subjected to is a plus of this type of material when talking about durability.

Furthermore, we should also mention the movement isolation capabilities of this type of mattress. What does this mean? Let’s say you have a life partner who tends to move around during sleep. With a typical spring mattress, these movements would be felt by you, but with a memory foam mattress, these movements are isolated, and you can rest without disturbances.

Why not Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam is a dense material that tends to retain body heat, which does not happen as quickly with innerspring mattresses. True, there are various ways in which even a cheap memory foam mattress can prevent the problem of overheating. However, these are not necessarily very effective if we discuss mattresses stuck in a specific price range. For optimal cooling, manufacturers implement special gels or even hybrid constructions, which unfortunately can bring the total cost of mattresses to a slightly elevated level.

Nevertheless, we should mention that these days, even a cheap memory foam mattress can be a practical solution for any person dealing with chronic back pain. Yes, the problem of heat dissipation can be a rather unpleasant one depending on the price point in which you are lying. But, the advantages of a correct lumbar posture often make that these minor inconveniences can be overlooked. And in addition, the abundance of memory foam mattresses that have emerged in recent years can mean that any option you find when looking for a cheap mattress UK doesn’t necessarily need to be your final one.

Why Choose an Innerspring Mattress?

If you’re looking for a cheap mattress UK then perhaps one of the first results that came up in your search was a spring mattress. Why are they so common? Because they are cheap, the technology is proven, and they have a versatility and cooling capacity that, in many cases, is superior to other types of mattresses. Also, although the technology seems quite simple, it can become quite complex once we change our price expectations a little. Innersprings can be either encased, like the ones in hybrid mattresses, or placed in an offset or continuous configuration for maximum heat dissipation.

Innerspring mattresses also have the advantage of copying the durability of memory foam mattresses but at a significantly lower price. Their coils are, after all, made of metal, which tends to stand the test of time.

Why Not Choose an Innerspring Mattress?

Because this type of mattress, due to its specific design, cannot provide the same kind of lumbar support that you can find in memory foam mattresses; therefore, over time, they tend to sag in the area in which you sleep. They also may not offer as much cushioning, which some people find pretty uncomfortable.

How Rigid Should my Mattress Be?

Another aspect to consider for people looking for a cheap mattress UK is its level of firmness. There are quite a few studies that show that a mattress of medium to firm rigidity has more benefits for the health of our spine, but what kind of posture you adopt during sleep also influences the level of rigidity suitable for a good night’s rest. For example, people who tend to sleep on their back can do it quite well on a mattress with high rigidity, while those who sleep on their side often need a mattress with medium firmness.

Over 70% of the entire UK population is sleep deprived to a greater or lesser extent, which can have severe consequences for our mental and physical health. When tired, productivity can drop dramatically, affecting us physically, mentally, and career-wise. And it may not always be possible to address all the causes that prevent us from getting enough sleep every night, but we can at least address the issue of the right mattress when we are looking for a cheap mattress UK.

cheap mattress UK

How Can You Fix Your Sleep Deprivation Issue?

Buying a cheap memory foam mattress when looking for a cheap mattress UK can only solve a small portion of your problems if you are unwilling to take other steps towards adjusting your lifestyle. But what are those steps? First of all, you should prioritize sleep over work and extra-curricular activities. Sometimes it’s essential to overdo it and make an effort to get to the next level, but if these efforts turn into a routine, the result will only be a counter-intuitive decrease in productivity.

Secondly, you should implement a routine in your life aimed at helping you go to bed and wake up at a predictable hour. It may not be easy at first, but with time, your body will get used to it. You should also avoid caffeine before bedtime and minimize the impact of artificial light on your eyes as much as possible. And last but not least, you should ensure the optimal temperature in the room you sleep in.

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