What to avoid when installing a shopfitting

Do you want to build a business, renovate your current store, or relocate to a new commercial space? Congratulations! Whether you’re selling apparel, food, products, recreational equipment, or even decorative items, opening or refurbishing a store is usually an exciting experience. But beware of the hazards that can cost you!

Here are six shop fittings pitfalls to avoid while opening or remodeling a store.

1.  The Shop Window Layout Isn’t Making the Most of It

The best method to transmit the DNA of your business, attract passers-by, and persuade them to visit is to stage your vitrines and set up the best shop display equipment. Then, when visiting your store, your clients will come into touch with your store’s brand image and structure, employing efficient displays.

You don’t have to be a fantastic designer to build shop fittings that appeal to customers and entice them to make purchases!

Keep your target customers in mind, and learn from the industry’s best practices or concepts from other company disciplines that jumped out to you for their uniqueness and efficacy. Finally, stimulate visitors’ senses by grouping things with the help of your shopfitting suppliers that make sense together and paying particular attention to light and balance.

2.  Not dividing the sales floor into distinct areas and failing to develop a traffic plan.

Customers that go through a store value a sense of logic in their journey. For example, in an athletic accessories store, the shop fittings should make it easy to identify the shoe area from the camping area.

They leave the shoe section to go to the cashier? What a great venue to show off high-performance socks!

When developing your store, keep your consumers’ wants and purchasing habits in mind and list the same to your shopfitting suppliers. The average buyer basket will increase, but questions about the store’s orientation will diminish.

 3.  Failing to create a furniture placement plan and selecting the incorrect floor displays for your area of industry

Make a furniture per-use plan and research the best type of showcases and shop display equipment for the kind of business you intend to ensure consistency in your choice of floor displays.

4.  Not Evaluating Product Placement and Making a Detailed Plan for Each Item’s Layout

Make a planogram to identify the best placement for every item in your business and adhere to it when physically arranging the products.

Displaying products effectively based on their demand and if they are seasonal or specialized items takes some forethought, but it pays off in the end.

5.  Fitting Rooms Do Not Provide the Necessary Comfort

You want your customers to feel good about themselves when purchasing your clothes. That is why they must have a happy impression when trying them on!

The layout of your store’s fitting rooms should create a fluid fit, encouraging consumers to take their time and try on more garments with the assistance of a sales adviser. This can be one when you make sure to get the most suitable shop display equipment from your shopfitting suppliers.

Choose cabins with a full-length mirror and multiple hooks for hanging clothing. After all, who hasn’t tried on clothes and divided them into “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” piles?

Remember to have chairs both inside and outside the fitting rooms. Your customers may not be alone, and you don’t want their discomfort, or the suffering of their companions, to hasten the end of their visit to your store.


6.  Failure to Consider the Cashier’s Strategic Positioning

The location of the cash register is another essential factor to consider when designing a shop. You must think about the strategy behind the counter’s placement in the store, not only in terms of the customer’s trip but also in the counter’s numerous roles.

Aside from being the client’s final stop at the point of purchase, the cash desk can also function as a reception desk. Before making a final selection on its placement, consider your plan.


It is not wise to leave shop fittings to chance. It entails significant strategic planning that will significantly impact your company’s revenue. So consider it carefully, avoid the traps, and enlist the assistance of the best shopfitting professionals to help you develop a professional and unique layout that will highlight your merchandise, whatever it may be.

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