What is Video Marketing? A Guide to Getting Started.

Business owners use many marketing strategies but video marketing is the most popularly used marketing strategy nowadays. Video marketing strategy has changed the way of how easily your business can grow and expand in no time.

Video is not just one part of marketing like in past times but now it’s a whole strategy in itself. Especially social channels are dominated by videos. It is believed that customers usually view more videos on social channels globally.

If you haven’t incorporated video marketing in your business yet, you can learn the basics here for getting started with it.

First, let’s define what is video marketing?

Video marketing is a strategy used for promoting your business, brand, products, or services with the help of videos on various social or digital channels online. It is also used for educating your customers about your product or services.

But why do you need video marketing? What is so special about it?

To answer these questions, let’s consider some statistics related to video marketing strategy. Videos increase the conversion rate by more than 80% when placed on the landing page of your website.

Not only this but if you mention the word ‘video’ in your email subject, then it increases open rates by 19%. Also, 90% of the customers revealed that videos help in making the right buying decisions. Moreover, it is predicted that video traffic will be 82% of the total internet traffic by 2022.

Now let’s discuss the most common types of videos.

  1. Demo videos: These types of videos are responsible for providing demos of various products or services you might have. You can give a full detailed tour of your business in these videos.
  2. Brand videos: These videos are specially designed to promote your brand views, vision, and goals you might have along with the products or services you provide. These are made especially for advertisement campaigning about your company or brand to your target audience.
  3. Event videos: These videos are made on the occasion of any event or conference you are planning to connect to more people and network within your industry.
  4. Expert’s interview: Recording and releasing videos of your industry expert’s or leader’s interviews is a great way for you to instantly grab your customer’s trust and loyalty towards your business.
  5. How-to or educational videos: These videos are used for providing basic information about your services or solutions you are offering so that your customers can understand your business better. You can use these videos in your sales and service teams while working with the customers directly.
  6. Explainer videos: These videos are created to help your audience understand why they need your products or services and how you can solve their problems. In this, you can display any fictional stories for how you can make your customers get fulfillment through your business solutions.
  7. Animated videos: Sometimes it is difficult to portray some concepts or ideas that are critical for your business. So, for this, you can make animated videos to make it easy to visualize it with the help of creative animative images.
  8. Live videos: This is the most popular type of video used on social platforms nowadays. Live videos can be published on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channel where users can comment and ask questions as well.


Now, let’s consider some key points of how you can make a video for your business?

  • Pre-plan your videos before your video production company does the recording or editing so that you don’t waste your money or time unnecessarily.
  • Make a script for your videos even if your videos are business-oriented as it saves your time in editing.
  • Book a professional studio with all technical facilities like microphones, cameras, etc. for making your recording more cost-effective.
  • Use your talented people from your company if they have the confidence and skills to perform in front of a camera rather than wasting money on other artists.
  • Edit your video after completing the recording to finalize the final result.
  • Add music in your videos to make them more entertaining and fun, so that the customers don’t get bored while watching them and get interested in your business.
  • Record voice-overs in your videos so that you can connect to your customers’ emotions and make them feel it is relatable for them.
So, the next question comes that how you can develop a video marketing strategy for business?

Besides knowledge of videos and their uses you must keep the following points in mind to implement a video marketing strategy:

  • Research about your customers’ problems
  • Create topics or ideas to provide solutions to your customers’
  • Designing and scripting your video content just like we discussed above.
  • Adding videos on your website, blogs, or other text-based marketing content to make it more interesting
  • Building a new innovative and unique way of displaying your videos.
  • Circulate your videos on all digital or social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Evaluate the final results of your videos.
  • Improvising your content strategy with the help of feedback from your target audience.

Learning the above basics is not enough for you to start using video marketing, so if you want to save your time and effort from doing all the work yourself, you can instead contact 3S Studio, a video production company in Delhi.

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