What Is The Best Way To Clean The Carpets: Steam Cleaning Or Shampooing?

Carpet steam cleaning in South East Melbourne has gotten a lot of attention for its efficiency in removing stains

When it comes to carpets, there is no telling what can get them dirty. Often it is something as simple as having the windows open, but sometimes spills and kids and pets can be the reason too. 

The bottom line is that you need to clean your carpets every once in a while in order to avoid the dirt and dust collecting within the fabrics and let them breathe.

Going back to the age-old debate, what is better for your carpet? Is steam cleaning the solution or carpet shampooing? 

Let’s find out. 

What is carpet steam cleaning in South East Melbourne?

Carpet steam cleaning involves the technique of hot water extraction wherein the vapour heated to high temperatures is used to extract the grime from the carpet. 

This gush of steam works to remove the dirt and dust that has lodged itself deep within the carpet fibres and settled there. 

While this technique may seem favourable, professional carpet cleaners in Blackburn will have to be called in for the deed as it involves the deployment of high-pressure machines. 

What is carpet shampooing? 

Another method of carpet cleaning that is done by the commercial carpet cleaners in Blackburn, this one involves the application of a cleaning solution that when lathers with the fibres of the carpet, removes the dirt and dust in the foam and the mix can then be vacuumed. 

A motor is used in the process that agitates the carpet fibres and is responsible for the removal of the dirt and grime from the layers. 

Why is steam cleaning good for your carpet?

According to carpet cleaners in Blackburn, the benefit of steam cleaning is that water is the main component used in the process and hence you can be sure that your carpet fibres are not being treated with harmful chemicals. In addition to this, the high-pressure machine ensures that dirt from the core areas of the carpet is removed. The drying time for the carpet in steam cleaning is also lesser than when other techniques are used to clean the carpet. 

However, the cons of carpet steam cleaning are that this technique is expensive and hence you may not be able to do it as frequently as you would like to. 

Why is carpet shampooing good for the carpet?

Commercial carpet cleaners in Blackburn say that the shampooing done can have a deep long-lasting effect on the carpet. In contrast to steam cleaning, where only professionals can do it due to the use of high-pressure machines, shampooing can be done by simply renting out the motor. 

The shampooing machine can be attached with an upholstery attachment and you can clean the upholstery too. 

The cons of carpet shampooing are that it uses more water in the process and may also take longer to dry than carpet steam cleaning. 

Why should you avail of NY Cleaning’s carpet steam cleaning in South East Melbourne?

The experts understand how carpets are prone to dirt and what should be the methods involved in cleaning them. 

NY Cleaning has a team of professionals who are dedicated to understanding the principle behind making your home a cleaner space by employing the latest technologies and methods. 

Among the range of services, you can choose from carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, rug cleaning in Blackburn, upholstery cleaning and more. 

The solutions for the cleaning process that are employed by NY Cleaning are eco-friendly and do not pose a risk to the environment or cause you problems such as skin rashes, acne, or any other health complication when your skin comes in contact with these. 

When are you planning on cleaning the carpets? 

Let the experts take charge and give you a home that is fresh and clean and does not attract insects and dirt. 

At NY Cleaning, every cleaning strategy is well-planned and thought of so you can breathe easy. In these times, sanitation and cleanliness are of prime importance. Ensure you are not far behind. Book your cleaning today!

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