What is SEO and its Benefits?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique to optimize your website such that it appears on the top of the search results on search engines like Google and Bing. Thus, it helps in bringing more traffic to your website.

SEO is very popular nowadays because it has numerous benefits for improvising your business.

So, let’s discuss some of the benefits of SEO.

People search for products or services online

According to researches, over 2 billion people can be found online and 93% of online interactions always start from search engines.

So, you can assist with any good SEO Company in Delhi to make your presence online strong through your website optimization, so that it’s visible to all people online.

SEO brings quality traffic

Randomly pulling in all the traffic to your website will not be much help but SEO is capable of attracting and bringing all the traffic who are already searching for the problem that you are giving a solution for.

In this case, you don’t even need to persuade people to purchase your products or services as they were already searching for them.

Therefore, SEO brings the search traffic directly to your site.

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SEO traffic gives more conversion

The SEO traffic is expected to give more conversion than any other source of traffic.

It is believed that search traffic gives higher rates of conversion rates for maximum websites online.

SEO focuses on search engines which leads to more business growth with increased conversion rates.

It increases sales and leads

SEO is the best strategy for increasing sales and gaining more leads because keyword research is done to only bring those customers who know what they want and are ready for buying.

Hence, it increases sales and turns the target audience into leads.

It decreases cost per action

SEO services are almost free as compared to other strategies because you only need to pay for pay the SEO company you are hiring.

It is cheaper than other advertisements to gain more customers.

You don’t even need to pay that much if your company members have experienced in website coding or Google algorithms.

But it is advisable to work with an SEO agency because it can become tricky at times to grow your ranking on search engines.

Paid advertisements are not required

If your SEO presence is strong enough, you will not even need to pay for other advertisements.

You will be able to bring all the traffic to your website without needing to include strategies like pay-per-click.

When SEO is effectively used, it lets you save your money for advertisements and spend it in more important places for your business.

SEO promotes your business 24/7

SEO works 24/7 non-stop once you get started with it. This is the biggest benefit of SEO strategy that it never shuts down. Once you acquire a ranking on the search engines, it remains there.

Also, the traffic on your website can be increased every day at any time in a day.

Achieving a high rank will automatically promote your business even more than before.

SEO makes your business reliable and trustworthy

Just like Google is the first choice for the users to search for anything online because it’s a reliable and trustworthy search engine among others, achieving a higher ranking there will make your website reliable and trustworthy as well.

It is believed that 37% of the search engine clicks are on the first organized list. This way your business will keep growing exponentially.

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SEO works long-term

SEO takes at least 6-12 months to yield good ranking results. As much as it takes time for your website to achieve a high ranking on search engines, it also takes time for dropping down to a low ranking as well.

Hence, SEO is considered to be a long-term strategy because it gives lasting results.

Although it is very rare to drop down in ranking once you achieve a higher rank on search engines, sometimes rankings of your website might drop as SEO competition is increasing every day and also due to regular updates in the Google algorithm.

SEO keeps your customers informed

Most of the users use search engines for research purposes. This helps them get informed about the current trends and to be able to see all the available options for their needs.

So, if you achieve a high ranking on search engines, then you can educate them and turn them into your potential customers as well.

This will also make them trust you more and help them in making important decisions on their own easily.

SEO increases your brand equity

As much as SEO helps increase conversions and it also helps in building your brand equity. Meaning, SEO makes your brand awareness increase among your audience.

But awareness alone won’t make your website visitors purchase your products or services but it increases the chances of them to purchase in the future.

SEO increases customer attributions

Along with the continuous increase in the awareness of your brand, SEO also helps in increasing customer attributions.

Customer attributions or ‘touches’ are the total number of times your audience sees or views your brand online.

If your brand or business is viewed by many people online then it increases the chances of them to become your potential customers and purchase your products or services.

So, higher SEO rankings will increase your touchpoints with the customers drastically.

SEO helps increase your website referrals

A good search engine ranking will help your website gain referrals from the users or your customers.

When people will search and get connected to your business site or do any purchasing, then they will more likely share your website link with their friends and family.

SEO can be measured

SEO is capable of measuring your rate of conversions and its sources. It can also measure or calculate the progress of your website rankings and organized traffic.

Most importantly, SEO is used for keyword research that is the most important aspect of growing your business online.


Through the above benefits, you can see that SEO is a very powerful strategy and it is widely used by every other company or business owner nowadays. So, why lack behind, contact one such SEO company in Delhi– 3S Studio now!

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