What is PPC?

PPC is a complex marketing strategy used by any PPC company. PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click. In this, you have to pay whenever someone clicks on your ad.

It is a very effective marketing strategy as it converts 50% of the traffic higher than organic traffic.

Some common examples of PPC are ads on search engines like Google and Bing. You can place your brand, business, or product ads anywhere on Google with specific keywords.

You need to do the bidding for the keywords related to your business so that your ad appears on the top. It’s a paid way to go up in the search results.

PPC marketing is a way of buying your top spot on the first webpage during the search by paying a CPC (Cost Per Click) depending on your website’s quality and preferred keyword competition.

Now, let’s discuss some basics of PPC for better understanding.

Types of PPC ads

There are three types of PPC ads and all of them might not appear in the search results.

Text Ads

A text ad is something that defines your basic keywords related to your business. A PPC company in Delhi can help you identify those keywords for you and create an ad related to them.

Whenever a user searches for something online, text ads are the first ones to appear on Google or Bing SERP (search engine result page) marked as Ads.

Display Ads

A PPC company in Delhi can assist you with creating a visual or image for your advertisement with the particular size and content required. Then, these advertisements are displayed on various websites to target the customers.


Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are placed basically for displaying your products with their images, price, range, size, color, and other features. They appear on search engines whenever a user searches for any product online with certain keywords or on shopping websites.

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Commonly used PPC Platforms

There are so many platforms where PPC company in Delhi can place your advertisements, but let’s discuss the three core platforms.

Google Ads

The primary ad platform any PPC company in Delhi uses nowadays is Google Ads. It is the most versatile platform for ads as it provides pay-per-click ads for both images and video advertisements on its search network and also on other search partner sites. You can also put ads on YouTube through this platform.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft advertising or also known as Bing Ads is the second most commonly used PPC platform after Google Ads by any PPC company in Delhi. This platform provides pay-per-click advertising on its search network i.e., Bing.com and other search partner sites like Yahoo.com with basic Microsoft-owned properties such as MSN.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon is among the top e-commerce platform used by customers nowadays. It is believed that 46% of users begin searching for products on Amazon. So, placing ads there for shopping purposes with visual images will promote your products very easily on the shopping network.

Can you incorporate PPC Marketing in your business?

Working with a PPC company in Delhi can make things easier for you by handling PPC marketing in your business but it requires paying them to expand your business.

For this, you need to consider your budget on how much you’re willing to pay. You might need to invest some money in advance because PPC requires some time to yield results.

Also, you should be clear on what are your goals to match the requirements of PPC ads and decide where you want to place them.

You will need to combine other search engine optimization techniques as well because PPC will stop giving results the moment you stop spending.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

As we discussed above the most needed things needed to consider deciding whether or not you should work with a PPC company in Delhi, now let’s explore its main benefits.

  1. Fast speed: PPC marketing if handled correctly can yield faster results and increase traffic as it is considered one of the fastest digital marketing strategies.
  2. Accuracy: PPC ads are straightforward and can target audiences accurately especially on shopping and search networks.
  3. Adjustable: PPC provides quick performance data that helps to make new updates or adjustments easily in the campaign making it successful.
  4. Evaluation: PPC marketing is the best way to evaluate conversion tracking and ROI of ads.

Disadvantages of PPC Marketing

With benefits, there are many disadvantages as well of working with a PPC company in Delhi. The main ones are as follows:

  1. Expensive: As PPC is quite commonly used by every other business owner, there is competition around it, and hence, it is quite expensive depending on your business.
  2. Wastage: As we all know if an ad is placed wrongly on any platform it might go to complete waste and hence you might face a loss.
  3. Less Quantity: PPC is all about the traffic it gains but if users are not searching for the products you are advertising then it will give you less quantity of traffic.

Basic Components of Search Network Campaigns

There are various components of search network campaigns used by PPC companies in Delhi, viz., campaigns, Ad groups, keyword searching, and match types, text ads and extension, and land pages.

Basic Components of a shopping Campaigns

For creating shopping ads, you must have a PPC account through which the PPC company in Delhi will upload your product data feed to your merchant center account.

Here, your ads are created automatically using the product data feed ie product title, and description, and keywords are not used here unlike search network campaigns.

Basic Components of Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are the best for increasing awareness among your users with visuals, images, or videos. Websites that opt for ads will display your ads targeting the audience according to their demographics, interests, products or services required by them, and webpages content.


PPC marketing is a very risky and tricky marketing strategy for any novice business owner if not handled correctly, so you should first need to define your budget, make your goals clear, and find a suitable PPC company in Delhi to work with.

PPC company will know how to handle every problem or situation you face because they will be having appropriate expertise in that.

One such PPC company in Delhi is 3S Studio that will help you make things easier for you in PPC marketing.

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