What is Directory submission?

What is Directory Submission? Directory submission is a powerful Search Engine Optimization technique that allows website owners to have their website listed in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Higher PageRank and an organic traffic flow from such sites. These types of submissions benefit the website owner as well as the search engine. However, there are some guidelines on how directory submissions should be done. Directory submission sites list the websites alphabetically or by categories.

It is important to submit your website to the appropriate directory submission sites list. An incorrect listing could cost you your rankings. For example, if you submitted your website to a general, non-medical directory, you would not be listed in medical or dentist directories. Therefore, it is important to build quality backlinks through these listing services.

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First, an understanding of how directory submission sites work is necessary. The links that you build in these listings increase your popularity. This popularity is calculated according to the number of incoming links on a particular topic. When you are listed on such a site, Google, Yahoo, and MSN will assign you a PageRank value which is a measure of your popularity.

A high PR value means that your site has been included in the top twenty Web Directories. Google calculates the PageRank value of each Web Directory submission based on links from other sites. Thus, the more links you have, the more popular your website will be.

Second, when submitting to directories, it is important that you choose the right kind of directory. There are two main kinds of submissions: one-way and two-way links. A one-way link is simply a link from your website to another one-way link. A two-way link is a link that sends the user off of one page to another. Directory submission sites are very careful about this. If you are submitting to the wrong ones, Google and other search engines will not give your site as much weight as it deserves.

Third, submitting your website is important but it is only one component of link building. You need to build links from other important websites in your niche. There are many different strategies for doing this, but today I will focus on one easy way to do so using article marketing. Simply write articles related to your niche, place a link in them, and submit them to directories.

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These strategies have been tested over again and have proven successful time again. Directory submission software can be a great aid in automating these steps and allows you to concentrate on more important tasks such as creating unique content for each article. Directory submissions are still very important, however; the right software will make it a fast, simple, and effortless process.

Link building is crucial in every industry. In the online world, having a web listing that points back to your own website is a major advantage in the search engine ranking process. The search engines always value quality content and they will reward you for providing them with it.

Therefore, if you want to dominate the SERPs and receive tons of traffic from reciprocal links, directory submissions are an absolute must!

Many people believe that paid directory submission sites are better than free ones. This is largely due to the fact that the paid ones offer better quality control. It is also true that some of the free directories require you to have a lot of backlinks before they will consider your submission. This is not true anymore.

There are currently three quality rating systems in use. The Google Webmaster Tools, Google Places, and Yahoo! Algorithm (algo). There are no longer any requirements that you submit articles via manual directory submission. This was done to reduce the number of “bot farms” and to give Google greater control over how they rank websites.

If you want to dominate the search engines with your content, take action now by submitting your articles to over 1000s of directories and blogs. Remember, the best place to submit your content is to the top-ranking Google directories and blogs. This will help build links and improve your Google ranking.

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