What Is Conductive Hearing Loss?

Conductive hearing loss is caused when there is an obstruction while delivering sound waves to the cochlea in the inner ear. It is not common hearing loss and can be temporary or permanent. 


Various factors can cause this hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss can happen to all age groups. In most cases, audiologists can diagnose the cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment. For professional and effective hearing loss treatment in Sydney, Hearing Aids Professionals are at your service.

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Since the inner ear is affected by conductive hearing loss, individuals can pick up sounds from their surroundings, as the outer ear is responsible for that. They don’t face any problems with sound clarity but have difficulty with the overall loudness of those sounds. 


The symptoms of conductive hearing loss include: pain in one or both ears, hearing better from only one side, subtle and gradual loss of hearing, ear infection symptoms, and muffled hearing. 


A person with conductive hearing loss can also have difficulty understanding phone conversations and identifying their voice’s loudness. For the best hearing solutions for conductive hearing loss in Sydney, you can rely on Hearing Aids Professionals’ expert team.


Conductive hearing loss occurs when a structural component of the ear blocks the outer or inner ear and hinders any sound from entering and being detected by the inner ear. The components can be fluid, earwax, or foreign objects trapped in the ear canal.


Other reasons that obstruct the outer or middle ear include ear infections, holes in the eardrum, benign tumours and other structural defects. If you suspect symptoms of hearing loss, take a free online hearing test at home in Sydney at Hearing Aids Professionals’ website.


An ENT or an audiometrist can diagnose the severity of your hearing loss. They analyse the cause of hearing loss and recommend treatment options. The treatment options include surgical procedures or the use of assistive hearing devices.


The audiometrist assesses your ears through hearing tests. Hearing tests involve the use of technical equipment that measures your hearing ability. The results help determine the exact cause of the hearing loss. 


Conductive hearing loss that is caused due to earwax blockage or trapped foreign objects in the canal is treated with basic medical procedures that involve extraction. Medical treatments, like antibiotics and surgical procedures, are also performed on more complex issues that hinder your hearing.


Hearing assistive devices like hearing aids are also recommended for treating conductive hearing loss caused by other abnormalities. For high-quality hearing aids in Sydney, visit your nearest Hearing Aids Professionals Clinic.


Thus, even if conductive hearing loss is not a common hearing loss condition, it is treatable if you follow the proper treatment methods and your doctor’s recommendations.


Hearing Aids Professionals aim to provide hearing solutions exclusive to your needs. Our team of professionals uses the latest technology and recommends the most effective solutions for your hearing problems. We also offer special services such as free hearing aids for pensioners and veterans (DVA).

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