What Is A Clear Title & How Does It Impact The Home Selling Process?


Having a clear title will help you sell a house fast in Philadelphia with no hassles.

If this is your first time selling a home in Philadelphia, you’re probably wondering what a clear title is. A clear title means there are no outstanding liens, mortgages, claims, or other encumbrances against a property.

If your home has a clear title, it means you’re the sole owner of the property and no other party can make a legal claim to it. Moreover, title issues can slow down the closing process. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having a clear title and also discuss how to fix any existing title issues.

How Does A Clear Title Impact The Selling Process?

Having a clear title will help you prove ownership of the property. But if there are any liens against the property, you may have a problem with proving ownership. If the title is unclear, the responsibility of resolving the existing liens will transfer to the new owner. Additionally, unless the property’s title is clear, the buyer’s name cannot be placed on the deed.

How To Check If Your Home Has A Clear Title

Both buyers and sellers can check property records at their local town hall or do this online. But since these records are public, they do not provide the complete picture. To get the whole picture, you must also check other records, such as zoning rules and building permits.

It might be challenging to acquire all these details on your own. So you can hire an escrow agency or a real estate attorney to complete your title search. Ideally, it takes two to three weeks for a professional to conduct a thorough investigation and issue a clear deed. On the other hand, when selling to cash home buyers in Philadelphia, you don’t have to bother with title issues; the cash buyer will handle all these. They’ll buy your home even if there are a range of title issues.

Common Examples Of Title Issues

Here are a few common title problems you may uncover during a title search:

· Unpaid property taxes

· Mechanic liens

· IRS liens

· Disputed will

· Forged deed

· Zoning violations

· Contested divorce

How To Solve Title Problems?

Some title problems can be resolved quickly while others take more time. Minor issues are easily correctable and liens can be dealt with well in advance of closing. For example, if you have recently installed a new kitchen and the cost wasn’t fully paid, the contractor can claim the amount owed from your proceeds. Similarly, unpaid property taxes and federal government liens can be resolved by settling the outstanding amount.

That said, issues like boundary disputes and forged deeds might take more time and effort to resolve. You’ll probably need to hire title specialists to fix these problems before you can get a clear title.

The Bottom Line: A Clear Title Is A Must For Both Buyers & Sellers

When selling your Philadelphia home, a clear title ensures that there are no unresolved legal issues related to your home. Any title issues—like liens, claims, and disputes—could delay the sale process and be costly to resolve. If you don’t have the time to resolve title issues, the better option is to sell your home for cash to a real estate investor. Cash buyers purchase homes as is, even if there are title issues.

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