What happens if you take 2 Kamagra?

If you’ve ever been curious about what could happen to your body if you go ahead and take a double dose of Kamagra Gold, then this is the article for you! We’ll talk about the side effects that can occur, as well as some of the possible treatments for these side effects should they arise. You’ll also receive advice on how to avoid taking a dose in error next time. This article will only cover the most common side effects associated with a double dose of Kamagra.

Before we get into the side effects, though, let’s first take a look at what happens when you take a single dose of Kamagra.

What happens when you take only a single dose of Kamagra?

Kamagra has been made available by different pharmaceutical companies. Although it’s marketed as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, it is a prescription drug whose active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate (hence the name ‘Kamagra’ – which means ‘hail’ in Sanskrit – according to Wiki).

In addition to being sold as “emergency treatment” (that is, a treatment that you take only in case of sudden erectile dysfunction), Kamagra is also available as a prescription treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Also known as Kamagra, the drug has been used to treat patients with impotence since at least 1997 when it was first mentioned in the medical journal The Lancet. It’s available in tablet form and comes in three strengths: 50mg, 100mg, and 150mg. It can be used either with food or without.

So, what happens in the times between when you’ve finished your first dose of Kamagra and when you take your next dose?

As mentioned previously, the ‘active’ ingredient in Kamagra is sildenafil. This ingredient is metabolized by the body into two other active ingredients:

Sildenafil is one of a group of drugs known as phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5i). One of the ways that you can take Kamagra is to take it on an empty stomach. This is because, as mentioned in a 2006 study by the Department of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Internal Medicine at the University of Berne in Switzerland, PDE5i drugs will be absorbed faster into the body when they’re taken on an empty stomach than when they’re taken after food.

When would you take Kamagra?

Although the experts recommend that men should start a course of treatment for erectile dysfunction as soon as possible, it’s important to note that each man’s case is different. This is because there is no single remedy for erectile dysfunction. Instead, using drugs like Kamagra to treat erectile dysfunction depends on your situation, and the type of treatment you choose will vary from one person to another.

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If you’re taking Kamagra, it’s best that you should take it as soon as possible after the onset of erectile dysfunction. This means that taking a full dose of Kamagra within two hours of the onset of erectile dysfunction will generally be the most effective.

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What are the side effects of Kamagra?

As you might expect, there are several possible side effects associated with taking Kamagra. Any drug can have side effects, though, and you should know what these are before deciding to take Kamagra. The most common ‘side effect’ that occurs when taking Kamagra is a headache. This is because your blood pressure will rise while you’re taking your first dose of Kamagra.

What might you experience if you take Kamagra?

Usually, Kamagra will have absolutely no side effects. However, some men have reported a sore throat after taking Kamagra. Men who have experienced this should be able to treat their sore throat by drinking plenty of fluid, eating some fruit, and drinking alcohol in moderation.

A headache is a common side effect of Kamagra that usually lasts for just a few days after you’ve finished your first course of treatment with Kamagra. If you have a headache, it’s important that you speak to your doctor about whether you should take Kamagra or not.

One of the most common reactions to taking Kamagra is a flushing of the skin and face, which is due to the increase in blood pressure experienced by some patients after taking Kamagra. Men who experience this side effect should speak to their doctor about how to avoid getting blisters and rashes on the skin.


Like many other drugs, men taking Kamagra are also more likely to develop certain conditions – such as high blood pressure and glaucoma – than those who don’t take the drug. Men who experience any of these side effects should also speak to their doctor immediately: Extreme drowsiness and Facial swelling or other allergic reactions.

If you have any of these side effects, it’s also important that you take your prescribed medication on time and follow instructions during treatment. Your doctor will be able to advise on the best course of action and whether there are any changes that you may need to make to your treatment plan while taking Kamagra Gold.

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