What Does List Stacking Mean in Wholesale Real Estate?

Are you familiar with the term listing stacking? The real estate realm loves its buzzwords, and they flutter in and out like stylish trends. But what is list stacking, and how are real estate investors using it?

What Is List Stacking?

List stacking is the process by which real estate investors focus their data to discover and target more motivated seller leads by including multiple qualifiers. For example, they may use absentee + unoccupied to target a specific market. A real estate investor can compile some or all the lists for a particular region. Driving for cash, looking for properties online, or collaborating with a real estate agent are all options typically used with one another.

What Are the Benefits of List Stacking for Real Estate Investors?

One advantage of list stacking is that it makes it simple and quick to find possible investment properties, saving you time and money. It gives you access to a priceless database of potential leads that you can use later, cross-reference, and use to compile insightful statistics on particular neighborhoods and demographic categories.

Real estate investors profit from list stacking because it produces more focused marketing initiatives. More targeted in this context means you acquire more high-quality leads and close more high-profit deals while spending less on marketing.

What Standards Should I Take Into Account When Stacking My Lists?

A real estate investor may initially draw numerous lists from their present software or database based on their previous sources. The ideal method is to combine and stack them to arrange properties according to criteria. Most frequently, these groups resemble the following:

1. Inherited Property

2. Vacant Property

3. Code Violations

4. Tax Delinquent

Following the curation of all these lists, you can further categorize properties before delivering your marketing (whether by email or direct mail), allowing you to target groups that meet various criteria without having to send out four or more campaigns with distinct messaging.

The Problem With List Stacking

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