What Do Men Want from NYC Female Escorts?

The general impression that most women who have never worked as NYC female escorts have is that men want nothing more than to see them naked. In reality, however, if they wanted to see a naked body, most men wouldn’t even bother with companions and wouldn’t pay for such a thing in the first place when they have so much free material that they can access in just a few clicks. The services offered by a NYC VIP escort involve conversations, traveling, and not what most people think. Men want more from these women, even if they are not in a relationship.

It is wrong to apply a universal label to all men and accuse them of having no other interests than to stimulate their sexual pleasure by admiring women’s bodies. Men are much more complicated than that, and only women who truly understand their psychology and way of thinking will have the respect and attention of the more vigorous sex. But if they don’t necessarily want to see naked women, why do so many men choose to date these women and pay for their presence, and what do they gain from these not-necessarily modest investments?

Many Men Need Communication

When you start working as one of the many NYC female escorts, you first notice that a good part of the clients are attractive men who, in real life, could easily win the attention of the women around. However, their introverted personality may prevent them from talking face-to-face with people they know, and it’s easier for them to strike up conversations under the guise of anonymity. Man is a social being, and regardless of his status in society or the pleasure he finds in solitude, the desire to relate appears at some point.

Men, especially when it’s just about communication, prefer to have absolute control over the situation and propose discussion topics. There are also men who, because of their environment or those around them, are too busy to pay attention to them and need someone to talk to. They may want to discuss topics such as a day at work, travel plans, or dreams for the future. But if you have no one to examine them, look for someone who can offer its attention. Thus, as a NYC VIP escort, it is essential to understand this natural need and encourage the desire for expression.

Men Want to Conquer and Be Conquered

Some men view these dates as a game of truth or dare. They want to earn the right to see more honestly and don’t settle for an easy game. Therefore, as a VIP escort, you must recognize this intention from your client’s personality and way of speaking. If you want your skills to be identified, you must allow yourself to be drawn into the game of seduction. Don’t let him win if he doesn’t deserve it. But keep the rules simple. Men love to conquer and, in turn, love to be conquered by a beautiful and intelligent woman.

If you’ve been interested in how this business works, you’ve probably heard stories of female escorts being challenged by their clients to fun and innocent games and pranks. Some men like to see a woman walking in heels, and they demand that from the models. Or men who want to hear how a woman reads to them live, while others appreciate a good joke. The relationship between the companion and the client is about the relationships between people and everyone’s communication skills. You’ll always meet two men who want different things.

And that’s why it’s good to let go of your prejudices and stop lumping all men into the same pot. Just as the prejudices about women do not do justice to the fairer sex, the prejudices about men are equally unfair. People are different and want different things, and life’s beauty lies in these small details. Think of men as you think of yourself. Listen to their opinions and wishes. Challenge them and be challenged by them. Play together! And that’s the only way you’ll discover the main qualities that any successful model in NYC possesses.

What About if it’s Your First Day as a Companion?

The main thing you need to know is that you have to know an international language. When it comes to foreign languages, everyone has something to improve. It could be the grammar structures learned in middle school or the sexy and exotic accent to work on to make it even more attractive. To practice your English skills, immediately after you pass the hiring process, start listening to music and watching some cheesy movies, from which you can steal a few lines to win over your clients. Believe it, even a VIP escort uses these tricks.

Find makeup that you feel good about. Makeup is like a weapon for women. It empowers and restores self-confidence and brings out the most beautiful features you have been gifted with. But be careful not to overdo the makeup in an attempt to cover even the slightest imperfections. No one wants to talk with a mask, and perfection is found in imperfection, and that’s why you don’t have to forget what it’s like to be you. Try several types of makeup before the first day of work in NYC, and at the end, choose the version that represents you best.

Choose Your First-Day Outfit Ahead of Time

Think of this job like any other and consider what would be most appropriate to wear on the first day. The important thing is to feel good but also show those around you that you know what is to your advantage. Please don’t overdo it with the accessories, but don’t neglect them. A pair of sophisticated earrings or a unique locket can highlight your freshly styled hair, or a thin and delicate neck can make you look perfect. Don’t stress too much about trends; wear classic to casual outfits. It will help you feel at ease.

Relax, and everything will be fine! No matter how emotional you are, try to stop thinking only about the fact that you will have to date strangers and make scenarios in your mind. If you are relaxed, your mood will be transmitted to your partner, and everything will be fine! Before the first day of work, female escorts used to take a few hours off just for them. Take a warm bubble bath and scented candles, or watch a movie while doing your beauty routine. Go to the spa or even schedule a massage session. It will help you relax and perform well from day one.

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