What Can You Do With Semrush Free Trial?

Your budget and goals are typically the two factors determining how to build your SEO toolkit. Testing out tools and platforms is a great way to ascertain which ones offer the features you require most and how much you will need to spend on tools to access them. Free trials are available on many platforms, but they can be very constrained, and Semrush free trial is a resource we employ. A sample of Semrush’s capabilities is available with a free account, and users can test out all of them during a 7-day trial.

Let’s examine the advantage and limitations of a free Semrush account to understand our possibilities better.

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Keyword Research

Domain Overview

Even while keyword research is essential to any digital content marketing plan, doing it on a tight budget makes the task more difficult. Fortunately, Semrush has a wide range of keyword tools, and you can access many of them with a free account. Under Domain overview, you can view a URL’s top organic keywords by position, volume, cost per click, and traffic.

Put a URL into the organic research search bar to view a domain’s top organic keyword, position changes, competitors, SERP features, top pages, and subdomains.

Organic Position Tracking

The Keyword overview is a great starting point for keyword research on a tight budget. To keep track of how you and your rivals rank for particular keywords and related terms, search up to ten times every day.

Keyword Magic Tool Lists

Utilize this tool for keyword research to focus on specific niche terms and long-tail keyword optimization for your content. It is particularly helpful for creating a hub and spoke model. The keyword magic tool offers related terms to include in your content strategy; after choosing the hub topic you want to focus on before beginning your search, list topics in mind because the trial provides up to 10 keyword suggestions.

On-Page SEO/Content

SEO Content Template

With Semrush’s SEO Content Template, you can begin creating content ideas once you are aware of the keywords you wish to target. When you enter the keywords you want to rank for, the top 10 Google rivals for those terms will be displayed along with suggestions for challenges. Semantically related keywords, backlinks to build, a suggested readability score, suggested metadata, and suggested content length are all examples of on-page recommendations.


Backlink Analysis

It’s critical to track down and remove spammy connections to your website as well as to know who and where are linking to it. Semrush’s Backlink Analysis has advantages for marketers looking to manage their backlinks on a budget, even though it may need more than a thorough competitor backlink audit. To determine which countries, domain categories, and key anchor phrases your content receives the most traffic, use this tool’s backlink analysis feature.

Backlink Gap

Semrush’s Backlink Gap is useful if you want to examine your rivals’ backlinks more closely and generate some leads on your own. Additionally, the 10 results from the trial give you a solid foundation from which to launch your backlinking campaign. You may evaluate your domain against up to four others using this tool. You will see their backlinks in two different ways: a chart and a table. You can see who links to each domain in your comparison and the Authority Score of each linking domain.


With the help of these pointers, you can easily sign up for a Semrush free trial account that is completely free and make the most of your limited search options.

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