What Are The Ways To Clone Cannabis Plants?

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Marijuana Clones For Sale Do you want to grow the same marijuana plants in other places? The best way is to cut the mother plant and create an identical plant. Cutting is taking root and using it with the original plant.

Find Cannabis Clones Online to be identical genetically with the mother plants. Further, do the cloning in a clean and organized way for cannabis to grow. The mother plant is from where you have to take the cutting. Does it use sharp and precise scissors?

How to Clone The Cannabis Plants?

Plan for The Mother Plant

For Cannabis Clones Los Angeles, choose fertilized mother plants. They grow up to be like you have imagined. Plant many seeds right in the selection method. The more seeds you will plant, the more selection process you will get.

For getting high-quality cannabis, take a good strain mother plant. Take the cuttings only after 30 days of germination.

Make the Choice of Good Branches

The right size for branch cutting is about 7 to 12 cms. Likewise, the longer branches take a longer time to germinate. The branches for the cutting must have three nodes, and if you don’t get it, two nodes are sufficient. Besides, take the stems from the upper half as these are the newly grown ones. The branches must cause root growth called the rooting hormones.

Preparation for The Cutting

  • The jiffy is the clay structure considered being affordable because they are known to retain better oxygen. Secondly, jiffy required pH 6 level water for the cutting to become moist.
  • Marijuana clones for sale that you find firstly start with pH balancing. The pH 6 level must sit for about 4 hours so that the pH balance can be appropriately stabilized.

Making Use of Rooting Hormones

Gel and liquid hormones are depending on what you use. If you are using gel hormones, cut it at a 45-degree angle. Wait for about 20 seconds before putting it in a jiffy. For liquid hormones, put the bottom in water for 20 seconds. After the bottom gets wet, place the same in the jiffy. Cover the top for maintaining the humidity.

Clones usually take 7 to 15 days to develop fully, so keep an eye on the same. Always stay protected from making active clones. And always keep the temperature right above 20oC for the clones to grow. These clones are the ultimate products for healthy life too.

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