What Are The Strategies Indonesia Uses For Its Import-Export Business?

Indonesia Import-Export Data is an essential tool developed and created by the field of experts and professionals to offer meaningful insights into the trade activities that take place in this country.

The import-export data of this country show that Indonesia was the 31st largest importing and 30th largest exporting country during  2020.

Indonesia custom trade data that we provide contains all the essential details and information related to Indonesia import and export trade including all the strategies that are being used by the merchants and traders of this country.

The data we provide helps you get useful and crucial insights into the global trade market offering you potential business opportunities to enhance the overall productivity of your trade business and stay ahead of your competitors in the overseas markets.

The data we provide is sourced from authorized sources of links such as Indonesia Customs Departments, Port Authorities, Trade Associations, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Government Bodies, and some other essential import-export documents required for trade across international borders.

Total Trade Value of Indonesia Imports and Exports

  • Total imports of Indonesia were worth $189 billion in 2018
  • Total imports of Indonesia were worth $171 billion in 2019


  • Total exports of Indonesia were worth $180 billion in 2018
  • Total exports of Indonesia were worth $168 billion in 2019

Indonesia customs import-export trade data is an effective and powerful tool to discover new business opportunities in the overseas markets and analyze in-depth shipping records of various global countries.

2021 Statistics of Indonesia

  • Trade Balance $3513.80 million in Nov 2021
  • Total Imports $19328 million in Nov 2021
  • Total Exports $22841.80 million in Nov 2021
  • Current Account $4474 million

What Are The Top Trading Partners of Indonesia?

Based on Indonesia export trade data, India $10.4 billion (6.4%), China $31.8 billion (19.5%), Japan $13.7 billion (8.4%), United States $18.7 billion (11.4%), Singapore $10.7 billion (6.6%), Vietnam $4.9 billion (3%), Switzerland $2.4 billion (1.5%), Taiwan $4.1 billion (2.5%), Germany $2.46 billion (1.5%), Netherlands $3.1 billion (1.9%), Australia $2.51 billion (1.5%), South Korea $6.5 billion (4%), Malaysia $8.1 billion (5%), Thailand $5.1 billion (3.1%), and Philippines $5.9 billion (3.6%) were the top Indonesia export partners countries in 2020.

What are Indonesia’s Top 10 Imports?

The market analysis reports suggest Electrical Machinery & Equipment $19.1 billion (13.5%), Electronics & Computers $21.8 billion (15.4%), Steel & Iron $6.9 billion (4.8%), Mineral Oils & Fuels $15.8 billion (11.1%), Plastics & Articles of Plastics $7.2 billion (5.1%), Animal Fodder & Food Industry waste $2.9 billion (2.1%), Organic Chemicals $5 billion (3.5%), Other Chemical Goods $3 billion (2.1%), Cereals $3 billion (2.1%), and Vehicles $4.4 billion (3.1%) were the top imports of Indonesia during 2020 according to Indonesia Import Data

The data we offer to our clients is based on factual information including HSN Code, Product Description, Date, Mode of Transportation, Port Name & Details, Importer & Exporter Names, Address of Importer & Exporter, Shipment & Consignment Details, Rates, Unit, Value, Quantity, Weight, etc.

For more info on any global country, you can visit our official website and ask for free sample data or even book a free demo to get the overall overview of your trade business.

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