What Are Some of the Best Retreat Venues in the UK and Italy?

Deciding to go on a retreat, alone or with a group of your closest friends, can be challenging and extremely draining if you don’t have at least an idea of where to look. The good news is that if you choose to treat yourself to a good time, for the hot season or even during winter, you can always count on Europe to deliver. Of course, Italy is the most famous, gorgeous location to look for retreat centers during summer. However, if you’re looking for winter, movie-like scenery, maybe just like in “The Holiday,” choose retreat venues UK.

No worries if you’re visiting the UK in the summer, though. One of the best reasons to choose a retreat venue in the UK has to be the versatility that the UK has to offer. Somehow the retreat venues UK can quickly adapt to everyone’s needs. You are never too far from the sea. You can find spectacular farmland, greenery, and mountains virtually everywhere you look. You can enjoy a walk on the beach, a little cup of tea, or a piece of delicious cake in one of the many lush gardens. Perhaps you can even go back in time and explore a 17th – century-old building in Berkshire, and the list could go on forever as there are probably hundreds and hundreds of incredible healing places for you to select.

As for Italy in the wintertime, you have plenty of incredible cities waiting for you to explore. The good part? Wintertime in Italy is not extremely crowded, meaning you can truly take your time to relax and discover new, unique places.


Where Can You Find the Best Retreat Venues in UK?


To answer this question in one simple word: anywhere. You can simply take a map and a dart and make a silly game by choosing the ideal place for your retreat venues UK. You just have to decide what kind of activity truly helps your spirit relax. Will it be a women-only wild weekend in Lancashire? Discovering Kent with your friends? Maybe camping in a gorgeous, postcard-like setting, where you get the chance to relax with intense yoga and meditation sessions? Or just hanging out with friends? Maybe add a new skill to your many others, like astronomy or navigation. Or will it be a 5-star 18th – century – old spa hotel in Richmond, London overviewing the Thames? Here, you get to experience royalty-like treatment. The retreat includes a full spa, gym, 20-meter pool, and several classes ranging from high-intensity training to relaxing in a Zen garden. If training is not your cup of tea, maybe just relax, sipping a hot or cold beverage in a Scandinavian hot tub and enjoying the calming ambiance.

Cornwall is your best bet if you prefer a more secluded kind of getaway. You will experience a tranquil corner of the UK, an ideal getaway for a healthy mind and body retreat. Experiences range from surfing or sailing to visiting a handful of historical sites, like the fabulous Tintagel Castle or St. Michael’s Mount, and even riding horses or hiking. Words mean nothing, you just have to book a few days with some of these retreat venues UK.


Why Would You Choose a Retreat Venue in the UK?


The absolute best part of choosing a retreat venue in the UK is the inclusivity. The UK is known for accepting and trying to please even the pickiest of them all. You can be a vegan, a vegetarian, a nature lover, a bookworm, a thrill lover, an adventurer, or even a lush life enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for an outside or inside adventure, the bottom line is that the retreat venues UK can cover all and more!


The Magic of Retreat Centers in Italy


Ah, Italy. The land of magnificent scenery, history, and breathtaking off-shore islands. The land of distinctive sandy beaches, fashion, cuisine, and superb all-year-round climate.

Italy is the place where you can always count on finding something to occupy your precious time with. You can choose to soak in the sun on gorgeous golden sands, learn the art of cooking, visit impressive historical sites and even go skiing on Mount Edna. Another must in Italy – visiting Lake Como, relaxing by a pool, enjoying a local pizza and a glass of their best wine. Immerse yourself in fashion and get captivated by the romantic aura of most places. Retreat centers Italy are known for fulfilling the most luxurious desires. A lot of celebrities choose Italy when it comes to “self-care” or “me-cation” time for this reason.


Experience Italy’s Luxury Retreat Venues


Italy is known for providing the world with the best luxury wellness retreat venues that date back thousands of years to the great Roman age of spas and thermal spring water. The retreat centers in Italy, the fantastic sights, and the Italian culture won’t ever disappoint. One of the best retreat centers in Italy has to be Preidlhof in the heart of Naturno, South Tyrol, located about 40 kilometers northwest of the city of Bolzano. Surrounded by vineyards and orchards, this majestic retreat spot will leave you speechless with its surreal backdrop, showcasing the Dolomites. In addition, this luxury retreat venue in Italy offers a 5.000 square meter infinity pool and unique classes that teach you how to deal with weight loss or help you understand your sleep pattern and how to adjust it to benefit you.

In case you are not the “stay in a spa, lounging” kind of person, you are in luck as Italy offers a multitude of other unique activities to help you destress and forget all about your worries, from cooking retreats in Sicily, to a 5-day Tennis retreat in the heart of the Venetian Lagoon, to a 7-day hiking experience in Lazio, Italy is definitely one of the best possible choices when thinking about going on a spiritual retreat.


Why Retreat Centers Italy Would Be the Best Choice for You


If you want to be amazed every step of the way and be absolutely sure that your days off will be well spent, Italy is your best friend. The word that best describes Italy should be: breathtaking. Home to magnificent lakes, priceless art, the city of canals, and so many more stunning locations, Italy never ceases to amaze. The same could be said about retreat centers in Italy. Italy is known as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world for treating you like royalty. No matter the place: Puglia, Sicily, Rome, Milan, or Tuscany, a retreat venue in this country will always think about you and how to give you the best experience of your life. Retreat venues here don’t just aim to sweep you off your feet, they strive for perfection. And when perfection is what you get, you will always want to come back, again and again, and again.

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