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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an umbrella concept that brings together features from several departments (marketing/development/SEO specialist), adjusting elements such as title, descriptions, URLs, content, increasing site speed and more in line with Google’s requirements so that your site ranks higher in search results, with the ultimate goal of attracting visitors directly interested in your products and services. SEO Analysis is a tool that helps your website rank first place on Google.

According to the Search Engine Journal, 85% of visitors to a website use search engines. They are an indispensable component for web users. Any search engine used (Google, Yahoo, or Bing) delivers real-time results that match a user’s needs. The appearance of a website in the first results of a search engine is not a simple process but an elaborate one. Any website must be accompanied by a strategy that generates the highest number of visitors, with an emphasis on the quality of the traffic generated.

Who is SEO analysis for?

SEO analysis is dedicated to professionals, freelancers, and bloggers who want to improve the search engine optimization of their business, whether online or offline and want to improve their SEO literacy to interface effectively with search engines and to develop specific strategies to increase organic traffic or to get on the first page and place of Google. SEO analysis is aimed at those who want to perfect their positioning strategies and techniques to compete at the highest level in today’s market.

Parameters of an SEO analysis

In SEO analysis, the keywords evaluated are already positioned and also suggested different ones from the most competitive ones in terms of real searches and real traffic on search engines. Then, the Analysis tool targets the strategy to be implemented to improve the visibility of the keywords indicated as more advantageous and profitable. The keywords are chosen based on a careful analysis of the domain of the website. To be compared with the data provided by the search engine on average user searches. Then, the survey is moved to the homepage to check the effectiveness of the texts and all technical elements, such as tags and meta description, and all components that may hinder or favor search engine success. The content is examined in detail to check that it meets all the requirements for optimization, starting from tags, text length, presence of main keywords, and internal links.

Why do you need a website SEO analysis?

The website SEO analysis is advanced and is needed because it carefully analyzes all the main and secondary elements of the website and provides complete arguments about the situation of the website discovered. An SEO specialist from GAMIT can address gaps in your SEO strategy and show you exactly and in detail how to structure future actions to achieve solid and sustainable goals over time. Also included is the possibility of a 1-hour consultation with an SEO specialist via Skype/Telephone/Whatsapp to clarify any queries or/and answer specific questions related to the SEO strategy to be implemented. If you own an online business or you want to promote it online, and you are not able to exploit its full potential by increasing your turnover, then this analysis tool gives you all the immediate tools to achieve your goals!

SEO services will certainly help you in the following way:

  • In the long run, SEO means increased return on investment (ROI). SEO will help you to be among the first if your products reach high-quality standards and if the content of your website is appropriate.
  • Credibility for your brand
  • Quality promotion increases the visibility of your website – SEO helps to create a better perception and reputation for the products or services you provide and is the service that makes the difference online, giving your website more visibility in search engines, where potential customers search for the services and products you offer.
  • Creating new business relationships
  • Consistent and relevant content – SEO helps create good, current, and relevant content and helps to naturally increase search engine rankings
  • Long-term growth

website seo analysis

What is SEO Audit?

The SEO site audit is the first stage of an SEO campaign and consists of 2 main components: the Page SEO audit and the Off Page SEO audit. The Page SEO audit involves an analysis of all the technical parameters of the website to identify what is preventing or blocking it from achieving better visibility in search engines. Depending on what is found during the analysis, the audit includes recommendations/implementation solutions to remedy/unlock the so-called brakes in indexing or in obtaining increases in rankings.

The Off Page SEO Audit is an analysis of the backlink profile of the website to identify the external signals (offsite/off page), both positive and negative, obtained so far, the anchors used, and an analysis of the competition in terms of link profile and rankings. Depending on the resulting information and conclusions, the analysis will include in the monthly SEO campaign an Off Page (Offsite) SEO strategy to develop the backlink profile of the website.

The SEO audit is the first step in an SEO campaign because:

In any SEO strategy, the starting point is the website, and the analysis of SEO needs to make sure that it is optimized according to Google’s requirements.

The SEO audit gives you, on the one hand, the possibility to know how your website is technically positioned about Google’s requirements and its positioning, and on the other hand, it gives you the possibility to know the organic visibility of your competitors at that moment, the efforts made by them and so you can make a correct SEO strategy based on real data/information.

Part of Google’s on-page requirements is about the user experience, and to improve it, various implementations are needed on the site that will result from the audit. A good site experience will also increase the conversion rate on the site.

What is an SEO audit intended to achieve?

Through SEO audit, the tool aims to rank the website higher in search engines (first page). Again, it is very important to make sure that the ranking you want is on keywords relevant to the business, which requires a lot of effort in the keyword research development phase and a very good understanding of the business.

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