Varieties of Marijuana Strains That Make Clones Successfully

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The process of cloning marijuana plants is quite complex, with a great number of benefits. The most common of them are producing plants with the same characteristics repeatedly and preserving important characteristics that are desirable to the clients. When it comes to Marijuana Seeds Los Angeles, people mostly prefer the taste specifics, genetics, and particular psychoactive effects. Another major advantage of growing clones is saving the money to grow plants from a single mother plant.

Regarding the variety you choose for cloning Marijuana Seeds Near me, there are often some top recommended species with a short distance intermodal. It’s often difficult to find pure Sativa or Indica species, and hence growers generally go for hybrids.

Here is a list of ten different varieties with great results in cloning. This analysis is based on the production levels, THC percentage, or medicinal effects.

Jack HererFerminizada

If you’re looking for Where Can i Buy Marijuana Seeds, you must search for this variety right here. Its floral flavour combined with an effect on body relaxation and a flowering period of around ten weeks.


The next variety of Marijuana clones that we recommend is Somango which is usually multiple hybrids of Jack Here with Korean Big Skun, creating sweet mango-flavoured flowers. These clones are ideal, considering their height and taste. They are known to produce a great euphoria.


The next Marijuana strain that we recommend for cloning is Blueberry. It has it has a rare genetic combination of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with a THC content of 19.5%.

New York City

Another Marijuana clone that we recommend is New York City, which produces many plants with a particular flavour. It grows great in both indoors and outdoors, with a high production of 500 g per meter square.

White Widow

Lastly, this Marijuana clone variety is White Widow, highly recommended for medicinal use. The flavour and benefits of this particular strain are promising. You can enjoy a great deal of relaxation with this clone since it has a genetic combination of 60% indica and 40% Sativa. Considering your preferences and requirements of the THC, you may choose from any of these recommended strains for growing them at home.


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