Using Black and White Striped Wallpaper for Kitchen Decor

Tired of your old kitchen? Does one feel that it’s looking dull and traditional? Then maybe it’s time to offer it a facelift. By that specialize in some or all elements of the latest kitchen design with black and white striped wallpaper, you’re ready to update your kitchen without having to spend much.

So how does a replacement kitchen look like? The keyword is minimalism. The kitchen now looks big and fewer cluttered with fewer fixtures, giving more room where relations can gather. For some, the fashionable kitchen also is a recreation room. Here are some elements of the latest kitchen design.


The first thing to think about is that the appliances. Modern appliances are usually metallic. This provides the kitchen a sleek look. Cords and sockets are not any longer visible. Bigger appliances like the ovens as well as the refrigerators are now built-in.


The next element is that the kitchen cabinets. Solid hardwood cabinets, mainly if in deep or dark shades, can offer your kitchen a standard or country look, not to mention dark as well as gloomy. Updating your cabinets by employing a modern finish or paint color on the doors.

You’ll also update them by changing the knobs and pulls with new styles. If you’re not on a decent budget, you’ll change the whole cabinet as well as the door with metal or glass to matching the appliances. Frosted, as well as the clear glass cabinet doors, will make your kitchen look stylish.


Countertops, tiles, and sinks must even be contemporary and, more importantly, easy to wash. Granite countertop is that the commonest type and makers have come up with bolder designs along with the set of colors. For tiles, decorative as well as colored tiles are still in.

A chrome steel sink, or stylish ceramic one, would look good during a new kitchen. Don’t neglect the faucets. Choose a slimmer, beautiful faucet design that might blend well with the opposite fixtures.

Wall Decor

Walls and ceilings must even be considered. Be experimental with the kind of paint colors and wallpaper designs. Few of the modern kitchen walls have textured paint, while others have murals or some interesting artwork.

Choose a color that might make the kitchen look wider and brighter. It must even be of a color that might put together the entire kitchen.


Other elements which will seem unimportant are flooring and lighting. What most people do not know is that each one efforts to modernize your kitchen will be useless if the flooring and lighting are of the Middle Ages.

There are many options for flooring. you’ll choose between wood, vinyl, tiles, or stone. In choosing, consider the kitchen traffic and maintenance. If there’s more floor activity, then the fabric must be ready to handle that.

Avoid shiny flooring, as these can cause slips and accidents. Lastly, choose the sort of flooring that might complement the cupboards and furniture. An equivalent goes for lighting. While it’s important that the kitchen is well-lit, lighting must even be attractive.

Use of Wallpapers

There must be several reasons behind the gradual vanish of classic wallpapers. Since the figures that classic wallpapers present are simple and regular, contemporary users take it without any consideration that they’re too stiff and antiquated to perform because of the mobile wallpaper of their own.

One more reason why mobile users, especially youths, dislike these “old” ones is that vintage wallpapers are deficient in vigor and vitality in order that they can’t represent users’ unique personality and superior taste. In a society of flaunting distinctive characters of people, lacking the unparalleled style and unmatched patterns seem to be a fatal weakness.

As to whether it’s worthwhile to order vintage wallpapers, there’s a controversial debate. it’s quite natural that folks holding different tastes may have divergent attitudes towards it. Those that harbor the view that classic wallpaper should remain to insist that these exquisite wallpapers show the sweetness of geometric figures.

Arranged in regular rows, rounds, and ovals, rectangles or squares, triangles or diamond shapes, all of them form a magical drawing together. Parallel and intersecting stripes, horizontal and vertical lines seem to be essential components of the photographs.


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