Top Ways to Organically Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most thriving social networking services used as a vehicle for brand promotions, business development, and entertainment. It meets the needs of the new-age users. People start a YouTube channel for various reasons, such as achieving their dream of becoming famous or promoting their brands. Having many followers on this platform comes with many benefits, so people employ various techniques to grow their channel organically. Many people who have a new channel tend to buy high retention YouTube views to rank higher. Here are the top ways to organically grow your YouTube account.

Choose Your Niche and Keep Your Channel Engaging

The first step to growing your YouTube channel is by choosing a niche. Pick a name for your channel that is appealing and would attract viewers.

Post engaging content that will encourage the viewers to watch your video till the end. Choose an exciting title and description for each of your videos. Be very honest in the description of your video and avoid using click-bait techniques. If you do that, the bounce rate would be more.

Schedule Your Videos

One of the fundamental ways to grow your channel is by posting content regularly. Make a schedule of how many videos you’d be posting in a week and how you would like to space them. If you post with a specific frequency, you can retain viewers and convert them into subscribers.

You can also try out making content in series and sequels, which would increase the viewer retention rate.

Optimize Your Channel and Videos

Research about Google-friendly keywords and find the ones that are searched often. Choose the right keywords and include them in the video title, description, content, and meta description. Do not choose very competitive keywords; pick the popular ones that are not too crowded to increase the chances of your channel appearing on the SERP.

High-Quality Video and Custom Thumbnail

If you have started the channel to stay on YouTube and grow it, you should invest in recording devices like high-end cameras, microphones, and lighting. Posting high-quality videos will aid in increasing the Watch Time for your channel.

YouTube chooses a screenshot of your video and makes it the thumbnail for your content. It is essential to customize the thumbnail with a high-quality image. It will intrigue people who are just browsing to watch your video.

Promote, Promote, Promote

You should promote your content as much as possible. You can promote your videos through famous bloggers by featuring your video or placing backlinks in their blogs. Alternatively, you can try influencer marketing to promote your channel.

You can try doing video collaboration with other channels, which will allow you to attract their subscribers, who might be encouraged to subscribe to your channel. You can buy YouTube comments and views to get potential subscribers.

Engage with the Audience

You can conduct contests and use giveaways to attract many viewers. You can reply to and like comments and interact with the audience to have an opportunity to connect with you. It would help if you considered going live for Q&A sessions, ‘Ask Me Something’ sessions, and so on. Moreover, you can give Top Fan and Top Comment badges, pin your favorite comments and be accessible to your subscribers and viewers.

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