Top Tools Like Semrush Pricing For Technical SEO Audits

No matter how skilled you are at search engine optimization, implementing SEO audit tools is now necessary. As you may have already seen, Google’s algorithm is becoming increasingly complex. A basic game of keywords is no longer all it is, and Google now incorporates more than 200 elements into its ranking process. The best SEO tools, like Semrush pricing for technical SEO audits, are discussed in this post.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a fantastic application that lets you use a single domain and browse its pages like a search engine does. It could browse through the website’s pages and gather practically everything you need to view that is pertinent to its SEO performance. It also works nicely for on-page SEO.
Start utilizing Screaming Frog for your technical SEO audits if you haven’t already.

SE ranking

As a comprehensive SEO tool/suite, SE Ranking is in direct competition with tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and SpyFu. Keyword research, backlink analysis, on-page analysis, PPC research, social media management, and website audit are particularly important.

SE Ranking’s auditing tool often examines links one by one while evaluating the overall health of your website, user experience concerns, image optimization, SERP parameters, meta tags, and meta headers. After it’s finished, it provides comprehensive reports on all the SEO issues and gives you useful advice on how to fix them.


SEMrush has been one of the top SEO industry veterans for over a decade. It now comes as an all-in-one digital marketing package with more than 40 intelligence tools, focusing on social media monitoring, paid ad research, keyword research, competition intelligence, and content optimization.

Regarding SEO auditing, SEMrush’s Site Audit tool scans through your website pages to identify problems with your AMP implementation, JavaScript and CSS, internal linking, HTTPS security protocols, meta tags, SEO content, website crawl ability, and page loading times.

Pingdom DNS Check

Inaccurately setting up DNS servers frequently result in crawl issues & downtime. Pingdom Tools DNS tester is the tool that should be used to examine a site’s DNS health. It examines a website’s DNS at every level and notifies you of configuration issues or warnings. With the help of this tool, you can rapidly spot anything at the DNS level that can result in crawl failures, website outages, or usability issues.

Built With

Built using is rather simple to use, much like DNS check. It also aids in pinpointing any particular SEO trouble spots. It typically examines a domain’s architecture and reports on how it is constructed rather than looking at a website’s DNS. You will learn about the type of OS, server, analytics program, content management system, installed plug-ins, and much more. It is helpful since elements that make up a website might interfere with SEO. Having early knowledge of them might give a chance to alter or lessen any potential difficulties they may bring.

IIS SEO Toolkit

IIS created this application, which can also crawl websites from your desktop and generate reports directly from them. The IIS SEO Toolkit gives the user a detailed description of any potential problems with the website and offers solutions.


Make careful to compare top SEO tools, like those stated above, before getting any, and choose the best option, like Semrush pricing.


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