Top-notch Outdoor Decking Ballarat That Fit Your Budget and Lifestyle

Premier house builders at your service in Redan, Invermay and Alfredton!

House renovations are always exciting. They present us with an opportunity to upgrade the look, feel and appeal of your current home to something extraordinary that suits your needs seamlessly. 

But what about the outdoors? 

We think a great deal about the interiors of our homes that we often tend to forget how important it is to have your home outdoors look ravishing. 

And what better way to do that than outdoor decking?! 

A deck is an outdoor porch or platform that extends out of your house. It adds class and beauty to your house and also serves as an excellent place to hang out. 

So you must be wondering about the various perks that a good outdoor deck can provide you with? Let’s check some of the best outdoor decking Ballarat ideas!

  • Mixing up the styles of a built-in planter with seating in a versatile deck management
  • Extension of an existing deck, the addition of built-in planters, steps, a pergola and a gazebo
  • Coordinated seating in a raised deck
  • Usage of geometrical intricacies such as lines and angles for timber panels in order to achieve an elegant look
  • Put the focus on the shape of your swimming pool with timber decking supports
  • A raised deck patio
  • A split-level decking barbeque design
  • Bright and open balcony deck
  • Improve your living space with a raised undercover deck
  • Add a deck to the ceiling with timber paneling
  • Addition of integrated lighting for amazing visual effects
  • In-stair lighting for illumination of the decking steps
  • Employing a balcony deck
  • Safeguarding your balcony deck from the elements by using a custom patio or pergola

As it is quite evident from the above, the possibilities are endless! 

And guess what? 

You can have a beautiful outdoor decking of your own within your budget that suits your lifestyle! 

Sounds unrealistic? We make it possible!

Dracon Construction: Top House Builders in Ballarat with a Penchant Luxurious Renovations in your Budget

Dracon Construction is a premier home building, home renovation and new home design company with over 20 years of experience in Ballarat and its surrounds. We specialise in energy-efficient and luxurious home designs and renovations that fit your budget, needs and lifestyle. 

Our extensive experience and team of the finest homebuilding experts in Australia have made us the go-to local company in Ballarat. With us, your dream home is made possible! 

Our range of expert services ranges everything from bathroom renovation, outdoor decking and home extensions and even kitchen renovation in Ballarat and surrounds. 

Your go-to house builders in Redan, Invermay and Alfredton

As the go-to local house building and renovation company in Ballarat and surrounds, we are renowned for our offering unmatched services to places like Redan, Invermay and Alfredton.

As such, moving to Alfredton, Redan or Invermay is a win-win situation. So don’t wait up! Dracon Construction has got your back! 

What does Dracon Construction have to offer?

Experience and workmanship

With 20 years of experience, we stand in the front row of builders with nothing but happy and satisfied customers backing our workmanship. 

Customised Services

Customised plans that suit you! We make building plans specially tailored for you after discussing your comfortable budget and needs, keeping your family, space and comfort in mind to offer you the best. 

 Dynamic building plans that suit your budget and lifestyle

We understand that more often than not, it can be important to make changes in the building plan. Dracon Construction provides you with the option of changing the building plans as per your needs without any hassle or surplus charges to achieve a design that meets your budget and lifestyle.

All under one roof

Dracon construction handles the construction of your custom house all the way from design to completion. We become a single point of contact for you making the chain of command easier for you. Also, by having everything under one roof, the cost of construction is highly optimised as the number of workers required is considerably less.

Let’s get to turning your home into your dream house!

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