Top 7 Tools Used by The Best Front End Development Companies

The types of web development tools that are currently accessible to front end developers have significantly improved. These are tried-and-true frameworks and libraries that enhance processes and the caliber of your output. Additionally, a variety of options for responsive design are presented by these technologies, including sophisticated plugins, code-streamlining techniques, browser add-ons, etc. The best front end development companies may find it challenging to choose the ideal tools due to the abundance of these technologies. The tools that you will adore are condensed in the list below.

1. Sublime Text:

This well-designed, incredibly effective, and agile code editor will simplify your life. It offers a wide number of keyboard shortcuts in addition to its extensive range of features and functionalities. This allows you to easily go to files, lines, and symbols or change your code concurrently. This will undoubtedly result in time savings if you are working with your editor a lot.

2. Twitter Bootstrap:

One of the most popular user-interface frameworks is this one. The comprehensive UI kit offered by Bootstrap will amaze you whether you work as a UI developer or designer. It was created by the Twitter team. As a user interface developer, you must carry out a number of crucial activities. You can create modal objects, normalize stylesheets, add Javascript plugins, and more with the aid of Bootstrap.

3. Chrome Developer Tools:

This software can assist front-end developers with real-time HTML and CSS manipulation. Javascript may also be debugged with it. Additionally, it provides you with a quick overview of how well your website is performing. This utility is accessible with Chrome and Safari as well as separately.

4. GitHub:

You make several adjustments to your application. But not all of those adjustments go as planned. Some of them are things you want to get rid of. GitHub enables you to accomplish that. You can see any modifications you’ve made thanks to it. You can even return to your prior condition, in addition. In other words, this is a platform for hosting repositories that may be utilized for activities like bug tracking, wikis, task management, and feature requests.

5. JQuery:

Here is a Javascript library that is lightweight and incredibly quick. It also offers cross-platform features in addition to that. Many tasks are often left up to the developers to work out. JQuery makes it possible to abstract certain functions, which helps you save time. Additionally, there is a lot of room for creating animations, exploring documents, or even just adding new plug-ins.

6. AngularJs:

This is a Google-developed open-source web app framework. With HTML, it makes it easier to provide dynamic views. In other words, you may modify the HTML syntax of your application to make it easier to understand, more expressive, and more conducive to development.

7. SASS:

The genre of contemporary CSS pre-processors has been essentially established by this well-known open-source platform. This platform may render vivid CSS when it is used. Your style sheets will be easier to read as a result. You wouldn’t have to repeat your codes either. These resources will assist you in making sure your front-end development project is finished with style and panache.


After thorough debate, it is clear that the best front-end development companies use technology to meet the needs of the modern web. Modern websites and applications just cannot disregard their place in the online universe. Additionally, the front-end developers use several frameworks based on the client’s budget.

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