Top 7 Chevy Engines Ranked by Performance

Chevy engines changed the world’s understanding of performance engines in the fall of 1954 when it launched the V8 engine, a lightweight power unit with a breathtaking design. It was way beyond the existing engines in the market and had speed-crazed enthusiasts looking forward to the new inventions by Chevy or General Motors. Since then, Chevy launched 348, 409, 396, and the legendary LS engines to support the demand for high-performance engines.


If you’re a speed enthusiast looking for a used car engine for sale that complements your interests, we’ve compiled a list of Chevy engines ranked by the performance that make great contenders for your next used Chevy engine.


7 High Performing Engines by Chevy 


  1. Chevy 265 V-8


Introduced in the year 1955, this 265 V8 engine powered half of the Chevys sold in that year and the next year. This engine has a 50+ year-long history of powering over 1.5 million Chevy vehicles and offering unforeseen performance that filled the owners with thrill & excitement.


This engine’s lightweight design and great power output for that era helped Chevy secure its place in the world automotive market as a leading automaker. The small block 265 V8 engine generated a horsepower of 162 HP and was used on early-model two-barrel/ manual transmission orders. It was finally out of production in 1957.


  1. Chevy L65 327 V-8


Post the launch of the V8 in 1955, Chevys grew bigger and heavier with special regard for high performance. The automaker raised the power output to 375 horsepower for a Corvette equipped with a 327 V8 engine and Rochester fuel injection. However, the most feasible version was one with an intake manifold generating a 365hp version


GM also bought many of these engines and upgraded a few auto parts for even more power. As a result, thousands of Chevys that were previously powered by 301 engines became ultimate power banks on the street with a 327-engine generating 365hp.


  1. 427 L88 Engine 


The 1967-’69 RPO L88 race engine was suitable for racing purposes only and not to be used on road. Corvettes with L88 engines even have a center console plate stating “not for street use” due to obvious reasons. This engine produced 430 HP at 5,200 RPM while producing so much heat that it was not possible to keep it cool on the street.


Apart from the ground-breaking power, this engine’s solid-filter camshaft is still the best sounding cam to date with the max-power setup and an awesome-sounding rough idle.


  1. 427/430HP ZL1


A ZL1 engine was first deployed in a Camaro, but this engine was so advanced and heavily engineered that the cost of the engine was higher than the base price of a V8 Camaro. This engine was producing over 550 hp making it quite desirable for speed junkies. By design, the ZL1 was much like the iron-block 427 L88, except it had open-chamber heads for better high-rpm power production.


  1. LT5 350/375-405HP


Corvette was the talk of the town in the late 1980s but Chevy didn’t stop there and developed a supercar of sorts, the ZR-1, a 180-mph supercar. Its power and performance could win over the Ferraris of the present. Its popularity was due to the all-new alloy-based LT5 V-8 engine that generated over 375 horsepower. This engine was equipped with a dual-overhead-cam, 32-valve, 350-CID engine.


  1. LS1 346


In 1997, Corvette was introduced with the new LS1 engine that shared the traditional small-block’s 4.4-inch bore spacing but had a deep-skirt design. It had four-bolt main caps and two cross-bolts for additional durability. This new design improved the race-like cylinder head flow. It was the revolutionary engine in the performance segment that shocked the public in 1997 and is still growing in 2011.


  1. LS9 376


Later, Chevy decided to add supercharging feature to a 6.2-liter engine and pave way for the LS9 engine. This engine is made of 319-T7 aluminum, which adds strength. The engine block features larger bulkheads, titanium rods, a steel crank, and forged 9.1:1 pistons. It’s good to generate over 600 HP and propel the ZR1 to 205 mph.


Buy a High performing Used Chevy Engine 


The list of high-performing engines by Chevy can extend further but these are the engines that rank at the top. However, along with their performance numbers, their prices are also quite high if you consider buying from a Chevy dealership. But there’s a solution for that as well. Buying a used auto engine is the best way to get high performing engine for an affordable price.


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