Top 7 best cannabis seeds to buy online

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There are cannabis enthusiasts out there who may have a reach for their favourite strains for addressing anxiety, pain as well as depression. You can easily have the strongest marijuana strains by cultivating the best cannabis seeds with literally countless of strains available in the world today with the new phenotypes that are being developed constantly.

Today, we will take a closer look at the top seven of the strongest cannabis strains that are available currently!


Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is primarily known for its stress reducing capabilities being an indica sativa strain. Consumers can easily expect this in terms of experiencing that it is a relaxing therapeutic best for the both day and night time use with an average THC content for the mid to the high 20s.

Bubba Kush attained its prominence despite its mysterious genetic background that rises to the top of the industry with some robust effects of the vibrant purple shades. The growers can easily bring home the hybrid of Bubba Kush which is the marijuana seeds for developing their heavier plants that are packed with the resinous flower.

Sour Diesel

It is also known as the Sour D as Sour Diesel has been a prominent part of the cannabis smoking circles since its first reputation of the early 80s. It offers an invigorating relief that turns a smile upside down while offering a reason to the consumers to get moving in the morning time.

The Sour Diesel will be ranging in the THC percentage depending on its growth although it is commonly found around the 18.5% mark. Sour Diesel will be imparting its unique blend of Diesel, citrus, and fruit directly onto the nose.

Sour Diesel stays at the top-tier strains due to its punchy effects that both uplifts and energizes making it the best choice for people dealing with depression or bipolar disorder.

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