Top 10 Techniques to Make Your Game Stand Out

Creating a game is very challenging and a time taking process. There is just one chance to create the game and capture the market in one shot. This would be a chance to share your ideas and imagination with the world. If you are a game developer or a Game Development Company you must be having some important things in mind while developing a successful game. Game development is not that one-time job, or we are just developing the game and launching it, this is something which you will do and will keep doing to make yourself do what you love. In this article, we have brought you the best technique to develop your game and uniquely do your game marketing. 


1. Budget-Friendly

Whether you are a game developer or a game developer firm budget is the most important factor for creating your game. You need to decide the budget whether it’s small or big, at the initial stage of development. You need to decide how much you have to put into the development phase and how much you need to put into the marketing phase. If you have an endless budget then you have to decide on some more effective way to invest your money in games. The budget is the only thing that can take your game on a different level. So keep your money managed because if in case that you have put all your money in development and then later on you don’t have money for the marketing.

2. Choosing the Right Software:   

Deciding the budget is just 10% of the overall task, now the real journey will start. Now the bigger task would be deciding the best and most suitable software to develop your game. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices of 2D and 3D game applications which can be developed using free and paid tools. Blender is one of the best and completely free tools to design your character and design tools.

3. Choosing the Right Game Engine: 

The Game engine plays the most important part in your development. The game engine would be a decider of your game style and also can affect your budget as nothing else can. There are many tutorials available for beginners and professional developers. Unity and Unreal are the best and most famous among the professionals so these game engines are worth giving a try.  

4. Team Size: 

“Your workforce is your most valuable asset. The knowledge and skills they have to represent the fuel that drives the engine of business – and you can leverage that knowledge.”

 Harvey Mackay

The workforce is the game changer of your game. Before you start the development of your game the main task would be deciding the perfect task force for your game. We suggest always have at least one candidate in all the departments of the game like for the designing part there should be a dedicated designer and for a developer, there should be a developer same goes with the marketing and UX/UI Designer.

5. Knowledge of Games  

The knowledge can only be gained by playing more and more games. This must be enjoyable but you must play the game for gaining knowledge rather than for fun. When you will play games that will give you the idea for new game concepts and designs. You can decide what type of design would be suitable for your game and what animation you should use in your game. 

6. Bring Your Passion into Games

If you are just starting your game development career this point must be more helpful for you. The passion will give a new life to your game. Always choose that game genre which you have played a lot and the genre you are more comfortable with. Don’t create the most stylish gameplay just because that is very famous or popular amongst professional gamers, just let your game be the way it is. You can take the inspiration from those games but always add some pinch of your taste in the game that will make your game unique. 

7. Accept the Criticism: 

“If people are talking about you, then you must be doing something really good”

As a game developer, you should never be afraid of a game critic. Just don’t analyze your game and work on the game parts which are not working properly. Never be so satisfied with your game type with a bit of bug. Always try to work perfectly. There are many sites available on which you can launch your game and they can suggest some changes which make your game better.

 8. Stress Management:

Developing your first game is a dream for everyone, and the presence of stress is the most common factor in that. But to overcome this the most common way to deal with this is to take a break. Just remember you are making your dream come true, but in that just that a bit of relaxation is very important. So always take a break in between the game development to make your game even more attractive and engaging, because when your brain is relaxed and refreshed then you would be able to generate new ideas for your game development and marketing. 

9. Pre-Promotion of Your Game: 

Pre-Promotion of the game is a very important factor in game development. If your game is developed properly but there is always a need that you market your game in the right way. The most effective way for this would be the use of Social Media Marketing. With the help of social media, you can increase your reach to your audience and that will help you to increase your downloads in the game. You can also publish your story to your local newspaper and also get an article regarding your game on the game developer’s website, which will create a good impression on them.

10. Launch your game on a different platform:

You are launching your game on the platform for android and IOS but there are different platforms on which you can launch your game like amazon, product hunt, Getjar, these are the platforms where you can launch your game and can increase the reach to the audience. 

There are many other ways to make your game unique but if you follow the points we have listed above then surely you will cover a long way for that. You might need to create the best of your work and the marketing techniques will pay you back in some unexpected ways. Just believe in you and your product and have some patience, the audience can’t be away for a longer time if your game has something unique and engaging. So just be ready with your game ideas and get on the plane… 

Good Luck!! 

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