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Get insights into the Latest architecture of the Internet of Things (IoT) and know which are the topmost IoT development companies that are providing the Best IoT development services respective to your business

The Internet of Things has brought the Internet and technology-enabled services together. With people utilizing access to novel solutions, IoT has become a critical component for enterprises to implement their next-generation development.

Smart homes, smart devices, smart cars, and smart healthcare have fundamentally altered the internet’s usability as a valuable technology resource.

Tech innovators and IoT Development Companies are continuously and competitively working on developing new technologies including Mobile App Development Company and other tech solutions. In a bid to pursue the clients with their unique and attractive solutions.

As per sources, an estimated $3 trillion is about to be spent collectively by businesses and consumers on IoT devices in the year 2020–21.

This makes it the best time for the businesses involved in industries such as agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities to develop the latest Internet of Things technology-based solutions for their consumers.

Now, let us explore the list of Top 10 IoT development companies:

  1. Hashstudioz Technologies Inc 

Cited as one of the pioneers in IoT development and known for their valuable and efficient product engineering development services. Hashstudioz Technologies have established itself as one of the topmost IoT development companies globally.

They have an experienced team that engages well with the latest technological developments consisting of expert guidance along with young professionals who are dedicated to developing the best of IoT based architecture for the clients, making this organization the sought after company that is approached by businesses worldwide.

The company has developed projects by utilizing the protocols like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, LPWA, Cellular along with cloud-based services that provide greater accessibility with data storage and maintenance supported by AMS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix.

Under its latest portfolio, Hashstudioz has worked on the implementation of a fleet management system and other IoT based applications for businesses ranging in the domain of Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Smart Cities, Travel, and Retail.

The clients that have successfully associated with the organization are Honda, Pfizer, Delta, Gionee, Omron, and many others.

As Hashstudioz Technologies continues on the path of developing some of the most challenging projects under IoT and provides its clients with the highest level of satisfaction, this draws it towards the top-ranked IoT software development company in the list.

Headquarter: USA, India

Contact: +1 (408) 757 0570, +91 95000 69296 | Founded: 2018 | Employees: 250–500

Company Expertise: IoT Development, Blockchain Development, Product Engineering, Web & Mobile Development Services, Software Development Services, UI/UX Services, Data Analytics, Travel Technology Services.

2. Fujitsu

An organization that is known for its capabilities in developing IoT based architecture development in providing hyper-connected business transformation.

The Company has been providing solutions merging the internet of things with artificial intelligence, cloud services, and other relevant technologies.

Fujitsu has been working with its clients to enable their IoT related business requirements with real-time data processing, automated operations, secure interface, better user engagement, and experience.

Fujitsu comes under the list of successful IoT-based development organizations that have built trust and empowered their clients with the best-developed IoT architecture as per the business requirements.

Headquarters: Tokyo

Contact: +81–3–6252–2220 | Founded: 1935 | Employees: 140K+

Company Expertise: Integrated Systems, Client Computing Devices, Cloud Data Analytics, AI embedded systems

3. Kanda Software

Reckoned as a leading software and technology development company for enterprises. Kanda Software with its focus on innovative and enhanced implementation provides optimized IoT solutions.

Working in the domain of machine learning, IoT, and advanced analytics technologies has allowed the company to cover the businesses’ requirements and help them pursue intelligent enterprises.

The company under its expertise and experienced team is able to deliver various Internet of Things solutions with real-time intelligence-enabled services.

Along with IoT based solutions, Kanda Software brings its cloud platform for businesses as it enables them with technology for handling their business operations.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: 617–340–3850 |Founded: 1993|Employees: 1000+

Company Expertise: IoT ML Solutions, IoT Web & Mobile applications, Data Analysis Service, UI, Data Visualization Service.

4. Siemens

Siemens’ technical expertise and its comprehensive portfolio with long-standing experience in developing the latest technology advancements are helping it to pioneer itself as a reliable organization that is trusted by clients across the globe.

With years of experience and expertise in providing state-of-the-art solutions in domains including IT, industry, finance, and energy. The Company has been working on the latest architecture in providing the clients with solutions that are based to satisfy their business requirements.

Augmented Reality, the Industrial Internet of Things, Cloud-based services are the services where they have established themselves as the frontrunners for the businesses to opt-in for their services.

With a dedicated team at work, it makes Siemens one of the most well-functional organizations in serving their clients.

Headquarters: Germany

Contact: +49 (69) 797 932850 |Founded: 1847|Employees: 340K+

Company Expertise: IoT customization services, ML and Augmentation, Blockchain Development Services, Mobile App Development.

5. Cisco

Leading with the aim of providing cutting edge solutions for businesses with tech-based transformation. Cisco has been efficiently and swiftly improving business outcomes with its end-to-end IoT enabled architecture.

Network connectivity, Edge Computing, Data Control & Exchange are the services that the organization has been actively engaged in providing its clients with satisfactory solutions.

Under the IoT development, Cisco has been putting the latest innovations to give optimized solutions as per clients requirement, the solutions are developed across verticals in manufacturing, transportation, smart cities.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: 1–800–553–2447|Founded: 1984|Employees: 75,900

Company Expertise: IoT Data Management Solutions, IoT App Development Solutions, IoT based Consulting Services, IoT based Security Solutions.

6. DCSL Software Ltd

Stated as one of the most reliable IoT development companies, DCSL Software Ltd brings its expertise in providing digital solutions that are designed with the aim to optimize business performance.

The company provides effective solutions in the domain of IoT app development, enterprise and industrial IoT, consumer IoT.

DCSL with its analytical abilities provides a systematize and analyze procedure for the operation of the devices built on IoT as per the client’s requirements.

Specifically, the organization has mainly dealt with the requirements belonging to digital banking, kiosks, vending, and POS.

Headquarters: UK, England & Wales

Contact: +1 720 207 2820 | Founded: 1994 | Employees: 1000–5000

Company Expertise: Data Analytics & Management, IoT Business Intelligence, IoT eCommerce.

7. Intellias

Intellias keeps its operations focused on working and managing the IoT services and specifications as per your business requirements. The company signifies the development of integrating IoT services in providing solutions for apps, mobile devices, cloud services.

The team at Intellias carries the required skills and knowledge that help them in grasping the client requirements and providing the best solutions in IoT development.

The IoT based systems developed by Intellias are most feasible and can also easily embed needed requirements to minimize resources in the development of the applications. The company also works upon services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Intellias has been serving industries under the domain of retail, agriculture, real estate, energy, and automotive.

Headquarters: Ukraine

Contact: + 38 (032) 290–36–90|Founded: 2002|Employees: 1001–9999

Company Expertise: Embedded Software Solutions, IoT Smart Connectivity Services, Edge Computing Solutions, IoT Cloud Services.

8. Silicus:

Silicus with its operations being based upon the development of the IoT based service provider with a team that is capable of designing the solutions in software, analytics, IT infrastructure, and digital workplace.

As a software development company, Silicus enables its resources for businesses by providing intelligent solutions. Some of the best solutions offered by the organization are based on the cloud architecture that implements well with the latest IoT technology.

With its optimized and high-end integration services, few of the latest projects developed are based on the core IoT specifications with device management, device connectivity.

The organization has formed a trusted and long-lasting relationship with its clients

Headquarters: USA

Contact: +1 866 912 8855 | Founded: 2000 | Employees: 500–1000

Company Expertise: IoT Cloud Solutions, Mobile & Web Service.

9. Softeq Development Company

Being a leading Internet of Things software development company, Softeq works on developing digital solutions for businesses that require the establishment of the Smart Devices concept.

The enterprise puts forward the resources that make it capable to work with various communication interfaces & protocols consisting of NFC, Wi-Fi, and BLE.

They have been operational as hardware service providers with working based on hardware prototyping along with digital signal processors and microcontrollers, controlling & relaying data from connected objects.

The client base of Softeq, which includes HP, Epson, SanDisk, Microsoft, and GoPro.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: 8885525000 | Founded: 1997 | Employees: 200–500

Company Expertise: Web Apps Solution, Hardware Solutions, Embedded Software Solutions, Mobile Apps Solution, Blockchain Development Solutions.

10. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz has enabled the successful inclusion of smart technologies that have heaped upon the development of enterprises.

The Organization has its IoT operations on software development, firmware development as it is able to work upon and bring out the desired solutions for the businesses.

LeewayHertz provides solutions for IoT in web services, embedded systems, and mobile platforms. Their solutions are known for providing secure, stable operations with a seamless way across platforms in enhancing products.

LeewayHertz works with various platforms, including Google Services, Azure, AWS, and IBM Watson under its IoT services expansion.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: +1 877 801 8115 | Founded: 2007 | Employees: 251–500

Company Expertise: IoT Solutions, Firmware Solutions, IoT software development, Mobile App Development.

After going through the presented list of the top 10 IoT development companies, the question that remains to be answered is as to how your business shall benefit from the listed organization or which company you should opt for in relation to fulfilling your business IoT development needs.

The answer to this would be that It totally depends upon you to figure out the best innovative technology firm that you want to put in your investment, as each listed IoT development company holds its own advantages in providing you with the best of the service.

Being a top IoT development company we can help you with similar requirements. You may either raise a quote request from here contact through our contact page.

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