Tips to Sell Your Rochester Home with Code Violations

Whether you’re selling a downtown studio apartment or a multi-story family house in the Rochester suburbs, a home inspection may reveal unexpected code violations. If you have been given a code violation, do not panic.

Violations can be particularly distressing if you are thinking, “I need to sell my house fast.” You can still sell your house, but you need to be prepared.

Many homeowners wonder if they should reveal these code violations to potential buyers. Under the law, sellers must disclose all building code violations to potential buyers. Failing to do so makes you responsible for any financial loss incurred by the buyer due to these violations in the future. Continue reading to know more about selling homes in Rochester with violations.

1. Seek Professional Help

Code violations can be confusing, especially for first-time sellers. Contacting local realtors who have dealt with buildings with violations can quickly help you resolve these issues. The realtor can help you meet up with the violation officer to discuss the problems.

2. Identify the Violations Worth Repairing

Some of the common violations include:

· Broken or missing fire alarms

· Zoning issues

· Electrical errors

· Structural damage

· Missing expansion tanks for water heaters

· Broken handrails

· Windows in dangerous locations

· Draining unused pools

Some of these violations are easy to fix and can be done with a few hundred dollars. Repairing these violations can also help in increasing your home’s value and attracting potential buyers.

3. Work Out a Deal with a Buyer Who Is Willing to Pay for Repairs

Once you disclose the violations, check if the buyer is willing to consider paying for repairs. Some buyers are willing to pay for the repairs themselves, provided they get a lower purchase price. However, most buyers do not want homes with apparent violations, as fixing them is a significant hassle.

4. Sell Your House As-Is to Cash Buyers

If you’re looking to sell a house fast in Rochester, NY, with violations, the best option is to reach out to real estate investors. Cash buyers will purchase your home as-is and complete the deal quickly, helping you put an end to the code violation nightmare. Besides completing the sale fast, selling your house for cash also offers other benefits like no realtor commissions, zero closing costs, and no additional fees. As a result, you get cash to pay for your new home and help you with your relocating expenses.

If you’re looking for the best cash home buyers in Rochester, NY, reach out to Helping Homes Rei. We will inspect your property and provide you with a fair cash offer to help you sell your house fast without any violation troubles.

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