Tips For Merchandising Your Retail Space

The success of your business largely depends on the way your brand is perceived by the targeted audience. And this perception highly correlates with the outlook of your retail space. The manner in which you position and display your merchandise can impact your sales and, therefore, your business. You can use visual merchandising in your favour to allure the shoppers into the store. Impressive visual merchandising has the potential to retain customers in the retail store long enough to make a purchase. However, the trouble mostly faced by the store owners in this regard is how to utilize the retail space or optimally to provide an impressive visual merchandising experience to the shoppers?

Consider the following merchandising solutions to avoid such troubles and embellish your store with appropriate visual merchandising:

1. Focus at the Front

A great way to begin merchandising your retail store is with the shop fitting shelving and area that is closest to the entrance. Flaunt your latest and most expensive merchandise in the spotlight so that it attracts significant customer flow.

Ensure different levels of shelves, fixtures, corner bays are properly clean from top to bottom and sufficiently packed with merchandise so that it is accessible to the customers easily.

2. Product Grouping is a Nicer Way to Ignite Their Imagination

Merchandise grouping is one of the greatest merchandising solutions. Merchandise grouped together can stir customer’s imagination and allure them. A store window or shop fitting shelving can be used to group some particular merchandise together based on their use, type, size, price, or by color scheme. This will make a great merchandising trick and shoppers would pause to look twice. Shoppers will be drawn to further explore your store for more such displays.

3. Regularly Upgrading Displays

There is nothing more unattractive than outdated shop display equipment and layouts. Customers are derived by their senses like feeling, seeing, smelling, and hearing. Their senses shape their perception. Therefore, give your potential customers a visual treat by regularly updating your retail display shelves and layout. There are a lot of things you can consider by updating your store displays and layout like seasons, holidays, festivals, etc. Shoppers are relatively lured away by stores that regularly update their stuff and stay in trend. It is not necessary for the changes to be completely night and day. You can start small.

4. Hierarchy can be Alluring

Another prime merchandising solutions is placing your merchandise at contrasting heights and depths. Stationing your merchandise in this fashion can grab shoppers’ attention more than you think. Contrasting heights can spark interaction among customers and products. You can strategically place your shopfitting equipment, retail shelving displays, props, plants, etc to attract the attention of customers.

5. A Perfect Floor Plan

The layout of your retail store can profoundly impact the shopping experience of the customers and therefore, store sales. That is the reason for the similarities between all supermarket floor plans. There are several options available when it comes to choosing a floor plan for your store. The floor plan decides the flow of your retail space. Doing some thorough research and figuring out an ideal layout and floor plan is one of the merchandising solutions that you can consider while designing your retail store.

6. Cross merchandising

Cross merchandising can prove to be a big hit for your store if utilised efficiently. It is a great method to increase the size of customers’ baskets and average order values. Cross merchandising is a practice that promotes product discovery and is a way of catching customers’ attention to explore the items that complement their existing purchase.

There are numerous ways of implementing cross merchandising. You can start by placing merchandise that goes together. Another method is by displaying gift cards next to relevant merchandise. You can use such cross merchandising techniques to promote your products.

7. Encourage impulse purchases

Once the customers are lured into your retail store you can entice them with your merchandising techniques and products and encourage them to make impulse purchases. While waiting in a queue the customers’ sight can wander around. You can utilize this waiting period in your favour and encourage them into buying inexpensive and discounted products by placing them near the queue area. Encouraging impulse purchases is one of the best retail merchandising solutions.

8. Prioritize safety

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the shopping experience of the general public and has shaped customers’ willingness to purchase something. What you can do from your end is assure your customers that you are taking adequate precautions, health, and hygiene measures and ensuring their safety.

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