Tips for boost sales with effective merchandise displays

Considering the volatile nature of the retail landscape, it becomes crucial to provide undivided attention to your storefront or merchandising displays. Several store owners take the help of effective supermarket equipment or shopfitting equipment to enhance the visibility of their merchandise. Appealing retail displays & strategic visual merchandising always work when it comes to driving the attention of the customers.


There are several studies to support the fact that an incredible amount of information & details are processed via the eyes of the customers, 83% to be precise (according to industry researchers). Go through this detailed breakdown of how other senses process the details:

  • Taste: 01.0%
  • Touch: 01.5%
  • Smell: 03.5%
  • Hearing: 11.0%
  • Sight: 83%

As a store owner, you must understand the highly visual nature of humans for acknowledging things. You can utilize this tendency in your favor by providing them a good show by employing high-quality shop fitting equipment & supermarket equipment.

Here are some ideas and tips that can be useful for you while you merchandise your store. These ideas will also provide an insight into how you can create an effective display that will ultimately boost your sales.

1. Acquaint yourself with the customers

It goes without saying that a business or store owner must know their customers well enough to provide them exemplary services. Extracting knowledge about the choices of your customers can help you create an effective display. A display produced out of the customers’ choices will automatically attract more public to your store. There may exist several ways in which you can know your customers, however, the foremost step must be to nail down the personas of your customers.

You can determine the personas of your buyers by considering:

  • The age group you are targeting
  • Gender group
  • What kind of interests do you seek to address?
  • What is the buying motivation of the audience for picking your product?
  • Address the concerns the buyers might have while choosing your product
  • Keep in mind the education level of the targeted audience
  • Consider the range of their income level

2. Shape memorable shopping experiences

You can identify and address some of these key elements while planning your merchandise displays. Once these elements are figured out, you can think of ways you can make their shopping experience memorable. This way you can encourage them to keep coming back to your store. There are various ways that can enhance the in-store experience of a customer. Consider some of these examples that might be useful for your business:

  • Community events
  • Face-to-face customer service
  • Constant reinvention
  • Treasure hunts
  • Product-building
  • Entertainment features
  • Creating interactive & memorable merchandise displays along with premium quality shop fitting equipment
  • Social media opportunities
  • Bundling products & services

Employing some of these ideas & methods can speak more closely to various buyer personas that will ultimately lead to an increased number of loyal customers.

3. Build a striking entrance

Entrance entices customers the most. Entrances are the first impression of your store. Sometimes the customers tend to judge the inside of your store, your product quality, and also your brand simply by a glimpse of the entrance. It can drive the traffic for your business and attract a lot of customers. Therefore it becomes necessary to design an attractive and relevant entrance.

You can pick the traffic directions of your store. For instance, if a customer walks in your store, in which direction he/she will turn. It can vary from country to country. Shopping tendency is influenced by the way we drive. If the store is located in a country that drives on the left side of the road then people tend to turn left after entering a store.

You can employ high-quality, effective supermarket equipment and shape your entrance and storefront strategically. Depending on the right or left-oriented direction of your customers, you can place your billing counter or cash registers in the opposite direction. This way the customers will roam around the whole store exploring your merchandise and will not miss out on stuff before reaching the billing counter.

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