Things You Need to Know about Wood Flowers for Weddings

Choosing the flowers for your wedding is a significant part of the ceremony and will require much thought and planning. When you add in things like price and availability, there are a lot of variables to consider. Did you know you may save the hassle of arranging fresh flowers using beautiful wood flowers for weddings instead? And if you want to add something a little extra, you can also add greenery flowers. If you still have doubts, here are eight considerations when planning a wedding using wood flowers.

What Are Wooden Flowers?

Traditional wood trees are not used to make wood flowers for weddings. Instead, they use sola wood harvested from the tapioca plant in tropical regions. This root is gathered responsibly, cleaned, sorted, dried, conserved, and molded into many floral varieties. Roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, daisies, and other famous flowers may be expertly replicated using wood to create realistic and stunning arrangements. Keep reading to discover why utilizing wood flowers at your wedding and adding greenery flowers are excellent!

1.     Wood Flowers for Weddings Are Environmentally Friendly

Wood flowers are beautiful and unique and have the bonus of being eco-friendly. Unfortunately, not all wedding flowers are cultivated and gathered ethically and environmentally responsibly, and some procedures put the flowers, the environment, and the workers themselves at risk. This may be mitigated by visiting flower farms in your area, but it can be entirely avoided by using wood flowers for weddings. These items are made from naturally abundant and easily cultivated components.

2.     Choose Wooden Flowers and Greenery Flowers to Complement Your Unique Style

Finding flowers of unusual colors when using fresh flowers for a wedding is challenging, if not impossible. Wood flowers may be stained to match any color scheme, making them an excellent choice for unconventional weddings. No matter how eccentric your taste, you can add some greenery flowers to complement it. Thus, wood flowers may be the best choice for wedding flowers if your preference is unique.

3.     You Can DIY Your Flowers

The cost of a florist may be a significant portion of your overall flower expenditure. Given their expertise, training, and time, wedding florists may charge you more than expected. Wood flower arrangements made at home may save you both money and time. Corsages, boutonnieres, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, bridal bouquets, decorations, and more can all be found if you do rigorous research, along with a wide variety of other wedding flower arrangements, such as greenery flowers. With the “DIY” option, you may get a craft kit with everything you need to make your wedding flowers at home.

4.     They Cannot Get out of Touch

Whether you want to use fresh flowers for your wedding or not, you will need to check the availability of those flowers and determine whether they are in season when your big day rolls around. If they are, you must either reschedule or have the flowers sent in from somewhere. These two choices may cost you a lot of money. Never again will you have to have a party and scramble to get flowers in the season because you used wood flowers for weddings. Wood flowers may be made at any time of year and in any color or design.

5.     Easy to Maintain

The care required for wood flowers is minimal and short-term. Your wedding day will be considerably less stressful as a result of this. You can relax and enjoy the wedding festivities without fretting about your fading fresh flowers since you know your wood and greenery flowers will look beautiful no matter what. Wood flowers need protection from the sun if you want them to thrive over time. Wood flower hues might fade when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. However, if this does happen, you can easily re-dye your wood flowers to make them seem new again! To keep your wood flowers looking fresh and healthy, dust them regularly. Dusting wood flowers is as simple as brushing or blowing them with a low-powered hair drier or fan.

6.     Make It More Personal

The versatility of wood flowers for weddings is another advantage they provide. Flower arrangements may be tailored to your preferences in size, color scheme, and even the kind of filler and foliage used. You may change the dye color of the wood flowers in your arrangements if you like the style of one of their bridal collections but are not keen on the colors.

7.     They Are Long Lasting

Wood flowers have a stellar reputation for enduring for a very long time. In contrast, to cut flowers, wood flowers will not quickly wither and perish. They do not need regular maintenance like watering, misting, or checking on. Instead, they are meticulously conserved throughout manufacturing, extending their lifespan and making maintenance a breeze. Your bouquet of wood and greenery flowers will retain elegance for your marriage. Ensure you treat your wood flowers with professional products to remain pliable, damage-resistant, and soft rather than brittle and fragile.

8.     They Are Realistic

Refrain from fretting if you think your wooden blooms will not seem quite genuine. These blooms are handcrafted after being meticulously developed, processed, and molded to mimic the elegance of natural flowers. You may get a wide variety of wood flowers for weddings that appear genuine, from roses to daisies to chrysanthemums to baby’s breath. Wood flowers are very supple and velvety in feel because of the gentle softening process. You can make your wood flowers smell precisely like real flowers by applying a unique fragrance. Remember to choose whatever makes you happy. Make your big day memorable and create unforgettable memories to last a lifetime!

Final Thoughts

Do not discount wood flowers as a potential option for your bridal bouquet! When planning your wedding, consider the numerous advantages of wood flowers, such as their versatility, low cost, and longevity. The beauty of wood flowers will last long after the wedding day has passed. You cannot go wrong with these stunning wood blossoms for your big day.

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