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Even if you have never owned a bird before and you are just learning about it or you just want to improve the quality of your feathered friend’s life there is a list of things to know when owning a bird as a pet. There is a variety of bird supplies available on the market for you to choose from. Most desired birds to be raised as a pet are known to be parrots. While owning a parrot you will see the importance of having a large crate and some parrot toys for the animal to occupy and entertain himself with. Along with toys and cages needless to say you have to provide good food, and water but also a perch for him to sit on.

Food – Bird Supplies

When you own a bird you already know that it needs a specially formulated diet to provide it with a balanced and nutritious meal. Food pellets are commonly used as a base meal while fruits and vegetables are considered to be an addition or a snack. You can give your pet bird either fresh or dehydrated fruits and veggies along with all sorts of nuts, beans, and even well-cooked brown rice as a supply of extra protein. As a bolder move, you can also offer scrapes from your home-cooked meal but keep in mind that salt and sugar do no good when it comes to any type of animal. Also never give your bird avocado, onions, or chocolate because these food items are toxic to birds and can cause serious health problems that can lead to death.
With a quick search on the web, you can find all the bird supplies you need, from carefully formulated food products to bags of fruit mixes and snack sticks that you can place in their cage for them to chew on.

Choosing a Cage

Normally birds are wild animals that enjoy freedom. Born with the instinct to roam freely and make the most out of larger spaces it is recommended that no matter how small the type of breed your bird is you should invest in the largest cage you can afford and that can fit into your home. Considering a bird will spend a lot of its life behind the bars of a cage you have to be careful when choosing one. Look for a well-manufactured one with non-toxic materials that is both strong, big, and easy to clean.

Birds can be extremely messy so the cleaning process has to be as easy as you can make it due to the fact that it has to be made on a daily basis. A proper cage has to have enough space for the bird not to feel uncomfortable and for you to place some parrot toys and food bowls in it. Also, it is important for the bird to have a perch area where it can safely sit and enjoy its life.

Perch Areas

Creating a perching area for your bird is easy. You can either do it yourself or find one in the bird supplies category. It can sometimes be listed in the parrot toys section due to parrots being the most desired bird to raise in captivity. Doing it yourself is an easy task. You can simply attach two branches on each side of the bird’s cage. Or you can hang in a swing in the middle of the cage. Make sure that this area is as far as possible from the food and water bowls. Also, be careful about what materials you use in order to create one. Make sure they are not toxic to your animal.

Bird Toys

While some may consider providing their bird pets strictly with the necessary items to keep them alive such as water and food, others may be aware of the fact that these flying animals are extremely energetic and that they can get bored easily if left alone. Especially when you know that it is possible for your bird to spend a lot of time alone it is best to invest in some toys.

In the bird supplies category, you have available a large variety of toys designed for every type of bird. From smaller breeds to larger ones, you can find toys in different colors and shapes, with different materials used in the fabrication process and for various purposes. There are chewing toys, swings, foraging, and interactive ones. You may also find categories of parrot toys but keep in mind that these are designed for birds in general. Parrot toys include swings, ladders, ropes, metal toys, concrete ones, and many more.

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Hiding Places

Along with preferring higher grounds birds also love hiding to feel safe. Even if they are highly energetic animals birds sometimes get tired or feel anxious. When that happens they would rather go hide in a safe dark place so that they can feel safe and not have to deal with noises or light exposure. Providing your bird pet with such a place is a must. You can choose to place a towel or a paper bag or you can invest in a nest box for maximum comfort. These boxes are available in the parrot toys section if not in the bird accessories one.

Cage Liner

To be able to clean your birds’ cage easier and faster it is recommended to use a liner. There is no need for a fancy one. Sometimes using a piece of paper or a paper towel has proven to be more efficient in monitoring their droppings and cleaning their environment easier also the parrot toys do not get dirty. In case this idea does not work for you using sand or wood chips can do the job. Keep in mind that cleaning your bird’s cage is a daily activity that has to be completed because birds can cause a serious mess and their droppings can have a serious effect on both your health and your birds’. To avoid the possibility of getting an air transmitted disease from bird droppings try to clean and throw it away as soon as you see it.


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